Commands on Discord

This is an overview of all supported commands for the Discord bot.

Rick AI

Rick listens to “Rick” or mentions, several rate-limits and anti-spam rules are in place to decrease channel spam.


Post any chart link or contract to request token stats. For the fastest way to use the shortcuts in my price info messages, refer to this article.

:information_source: Keep in mind that some commands are ‘/slash-commands’ (they will appear in the Discord command selector) & some commands just use the . prefix.


Command Description
.z shib weth Short token info + fast HP check
.x <0x..> Token info + fast HP check
.c pepe 5m Token info + chart (default 1m, supports 5m/15m/1h/4h/1d)
/rickfix Create a token filter, usage: /rickfix abc 0x123…
/rickunfix Delete a token filter, usage /rickunfix abc
.a <name/ticker> Query CoinGecko for token info
/index Show top 10 by mcap
.ft <handle/0xwallet> Show info
.soc <0x..> Check ETH contract for socials
.bsoc <0x..> Check Base contract for socials
.bm <0x..> Get BubbleMaps for ETH tokens
.moni <mentionlux> Check a Twitter acount with Moni Discover
.hp <0x..> GoPlus HP check
/burp Show tokens tracked/dipped in the last 1H
/idk Show tokens checked in the last 1H
/watchlist Show your last 10 checked tokens
/beer 1H performance of checks in the last hour
/lasergun Most recent tokens checked by 24H%
/what Show trending tokens

:hammer_and_wrench: If a token query does not return the right token (search manipulation or whatever), anyone can add a filter: /rickfix <token query> <pair address> e.g. /rickfix x 0xa62894D5196bC44e4C3978400Ad07E7b30352372

Scoring on ETH tokens

Read about scoring.

Command Description
.pc <ca> Show similar contracts, sorted by lasts seen
.pre <ca> Peep a token score (if verified but not live yet)


Command Description
.epoch <1682996967> Convert Unix to local timestamp
/remind Create reminder in current channel
/listreminders Show active reminders + ID’s in the current channel
/nevermind <ID> Delete a reminder
/gm & /gn Good morning & Good night

:bell: Reminders will ping just you by default, there is an optional value you can use to set it to @here or @everyone


Command Description
.rep Show your rank
/rep Show ranking leaderboard
/guildrep Show server leaderboard
.w & /zap Check my response time (ping)
/balance Show server credit balance
/mybalance Check personal credit balance
.vip Information about credits
.help Link to docs


Command Description
/noresultmode Turn on or off quicklinks if no token info is found
/pricemode Change or disable pricewidget responses
/fixtwitter Should rick rewrite twitterlinks to vxtwitter?
/cashtags Should Rick respond to $cashtags?

:crown: VIP Commands

The commands below can be used by everyone, please read Credits docs for more information. Every new server or user gets free trial credits to try them out.

Command Description
.ask <prompt> Talk to custom AI + internet access
.aica <ca> AI Analysis of any ETH contract
.aicapro <ca> GPT4 Analysis of any ETH contract (read: Credits )
.dx Improved channel summary (BETA)
.d Summarise recent discord messages
.dv Like .d but for channels with one webhook posting as different authors (TweetShift)
.dd Detailed summary of last ±15 msg
.s <url> Simple summary (TLDR)*
.sd <url> Detailed summary*
.e5 <url> Explain like I’m five*
.u <tweet url> Unroll a thread
.vid <url> Summarise a YouTube video
.ts username Twitter report + Recent tweets

:mag: Example: .s

Supports Twitter/Medium/Substack/Various blogs & many more!

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