Twitter Recycle Checker

This is a stealth announcement, it can only be accessed through the link. Please keep it to yourself.

BETA: Twitter Recycle Checker :telegram:

You can now discover if a Twitter account has been used in the past. Rick will track any Twitter account automatically if we can find it with /soc command. If there are any matches, it will be shown along with the :recycle: emoji.

If no Twitter account can be found with /soc, you can track any Twitter account with /twit (usage: /twit username or /twit This command will also reverse search the database and show any matches.

It’s possible one handle can appear multiple times in the matches, because we store matches along with the contract. In this case multiple contracts are linking to the same contract.

We track X accounts per 2023-10-13T22:00:00Z. You can help building the database and testing by using /soc and /twit on Telegram - report any issues: @MentionLux