Commands on Telegram

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:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Note: all Telegram commands are /slash-commands and should appear in the command list.


Command Info
z Compact price check with trimmed contract address, try /x for advanced.
x Full price check + detailed HP check + full contract address (default - see /pricemode)
c Like /x but with a chart. Fancy, huh? Example: /c pepe 1m - defaults to 5m, supports 5m/15m/1h/4h/1d on ETH
a Query CoinGecko for token info. Example: /a xmr
epoch Turning robot timestamps into human talk. Example: /epoch 1685950699
soc Find socials for Ethereum or Solana contracts
bsoc Find socials for Base contracts

| moni | Quickly check a Twitter profile

Leaderboard related

Command Info
burp Best blunders from the last hour. Get your popcorn.
watchlist Show your last 10 checked tokens
idk Burp but 4H and includes tokens that are not new or dipped.
lasergun Show last 10 tokens checked, sorted by 24H delta.
burpboard Link to the leaderboard channel

Scoring on ETH tokens

Read about scoring. Scoring is done and shown automatically on pre-launch contracts.

Command Info
/pc <ca> Show similar contracts, sorted by lasts seen
/pre <ca> Peep a token score (if verified but not live yet)

Rick AI

AI listens to Rick (with a capital) or @RickBurpBot mentions - Rick does not respond to replies to his previous message, however you can reply to a message and mention the bot, it will still know what you are replying to. AI commands take credits from the group or your personal balance.

Command Info
aica Analyze a verified contract with magic. E.g. /aica 0x... - Input should be a token/NFT/smart contract (no addresses/pair addresses)
dub Chat summary. Use it wisely, kiddo.
dubx Better/experimental summary of recent chat messages.
uhh I’ll try to reply more helpfully (or use internet) e.g. /uhh When BTC halving?
tldr Summarise a web article or PDF URL. Example: /tldr https://...
vid Summarise a YouTube video. Example: /vid https://yout..


You can have Rick remind you for user-set events. You can also simply reply to a message and type /remind 1h, Rick will link to that message in 1 hour.

Command Info
remind Set a reminder for the chat - Example: /remind 1h30m get rekt
listreminders Show the active reminders
nevermind Delete a reminder - Example: /nevermind 12345678


Alternative to the @everyone bots for Telegram. There are 3 ways to use this:

  1. Ping existing message: Reply to any message you want to ping with /ping (only in group-chats)
  2. Fast ping: you said some shit and just want to alert the group: type /ping w/out replying to a message.
  3. Message ping: Rick will repost your message and force-pin it directly: /ping get rekt

Reminders and pings will push a force-pin, which shows the alert to all members (including those who muted) - removing pin-permissions is the only way to disable this feature, and also against the designed intention.


Command Info
balance Show credit balance. Use in DM for personal balance.
mybalance Show your personal credit balance.
userid It’s like an ID scanner. Magic!
chatid Identifies the chat. Top secret stuff.
wubba Basic ping check. Even a Morty could do it.
help Get a link to my docs


Command Info
autoresponder Turn OFF to make me ignore contracts/links. Example: /autorespond off
noresultmode off/on - Respond if no token info? Example: /noresultmode off
pricemode Switch between /x or /z as autoresponder. Example: /pricemode sim or adv
anon Turn OFF to show your members in the leaderboards. Example: /anon off or on
fixtwitter Enable/Disable Twitter URL rewrites. Example: /fixtwitter on or off
cashtag Enable or disable the $cashtag responder. Example: /cashtag on or off
:new: beta Enable or disable experimental features. Example: /beta on or off
:new: ricknews on or off - get short news/updates in your chat