Rick Chainley: The Ultimate AI/Crypto Bot for Discord and Telegram

:robot: Get to know Rick Chainley…

:newspaper: AI TLDR: Rick Chainley is an AI/crypto bot with a range of features, including a pricebot, tracking top performers on the BurpBoard, summarizing chat discussions, providing contract scoring, offering AI scans, and summarizing YouTube videos & way more! It can be added to Discord :discord: servers and Telegram :telegram: groups.


Introducing Rick, the AI/crypto bot you already may have heard of.

In over 160 servers and 50+ telegram chats, Rick is more than a price bot.

Get ready for a deep dive into Rick’s incredible features. :robot::boom:

Smart Pricebot

The pricebot is simple, useful and has a smart design. A shorter pricewidget can be set as default by admins. The quicklinks provide shortcuts to the most used tools in the space, ape with @MaestroBots or @BananaGunBot without the need to copy/paste the contract.

Overview of all quicklinks: Shortcuts


Unveil the complete array of Rick’s hidden powers! In addition to the pricebot, he can:

  • Track your last 15 tokens for your personal watchlist

  • Automatically fix preview issues with vxTwitter

  • Set up instant reminders for your channels or groups

And there is more…


Rick tracks all tokens, and the top performers will appear on the BurpBoard every hour, week, or month. For shorter-term leaderboards, check out /burp, /idk, or /lasergun.

Chat summaries

Rick is the ultimate go-to bot when it comes to summarizing your channel or chat.

Need a quick summary of that lengthy Medium post, web article, or Twitter thread? Rick has got you covered with a TLDR version of it all!


Any contract is checksummed the first time it’s seen. Rick will show a score of uniqueness. If the score is not 100, you can check similar contracts (sorted by last seen) with the Pasta Check (/pc) command.


AI commands are available with free trial credits for every server, chat, or user. You can explore a range of commands including:

  • .ask for real-time data AI

  • .aica for quick AI contract scans

  • .d to get a channel summary

  • .s to TLDR stuff.


To chat with Rick, simply mention or type “Rick” at a cost of 1 credit. If you prefer more serious discussions or require real-time data, utilize .ask (/uhh on TG).

AI scans

Using .ts mentionlux (discord only) you can scan a Twitter profile + recent tweets and get a quick overview on the account/project.

The .aica command, checks any ETH contract (keep in mind, AI is not good at rating good or bad functions and misses a lot, but it can help give some insight in a contract).

Summarise things

Save time with the .vid (or /vid) on Telegram) command! Summarize YouTube videos in a snap. Don’t waste another minute when you could be doing something better.

Add Rick to your server/group

Add Rick to your Discord server or Telegram group effortlessly.

For Discord :discord: setup, check out the Discord docs for admins.

To use Rick on Telegram :telegram: chats and in DMs, read these docs.


Most features are supported in Telegram and Discord.

Check the docs to find the full list of supported commands for your platform.

More screenshots