Active token tracking for communities

This premium feature enables token tracking like the global BurpBoard, but only for your group or server.

:red_circle: For now, due to new Telegram TOS, subbing to premium is not available for Telegram users until Telegram Stars have been implemented in Rick.

How does it work?

The default command (/groupburp or /serverburp) will show the best tokens checked in your chat out of the last 50 tokens. This should be sufficient even in larger groups. You can use /groupgun to query the last 50 tokens checked in your chat, but filtering all micro caps (depending on the market conditions, this is a dynamic filter).

The use case of this command is to quickly see how the recently shared plays are doing. The FDV’s shown are always actual data.

This will also show local ATH’s - better to interpret as highest FDV seen in this chat.

:pill:’s are not being tracked in this system until after Raydium pool is created. Besides the complexity of supporting in the current tracking system, it doesn’t really benefit the tracking system to have lots of these 1K FDV tokens tracked. If a token does well, you’ll see them in the leaderboards anyhow at some point.


Your group/server will be updated if it did some X’s. The frequency of these alerts are still being fine-tuned.


You can call the leaderboard at any time with the commands: :telegram: /groupburp or :discord: /serverburp.

:new: You can use /groupgun :telegram: to request a leaderboard where all sub 1M FDV tokens are filtered from the query.

Tokens are tracked without any user effort required, just scan the token with one of the Rick commands or paste the contract if you have the autoresponder enabled.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Both groupburp and serverburp commands have a cooldown. This cooldown will be increased as more groups are using this.

Whitelist your community

3 months = 0.1E
12 months = 0.3E

Use the form below to proceed with whitelisting.

This is the first premium feature. Rick bot is primarily free to use and I aim to always keep most of the features available for free. Monetization is mainly done through AI credits, ads/referrals and select premium features like active token tracking.