Learn to use Rick on Telegram

Did you know it’s possible to turn the contract responder off and there’s an very easy way to fix wrong tokens showing up?

Most of these things are documented briefly somewhere, but I wanted to do a quick overview of the most common fixes for common problems, but also just give some tips on how to use Rick.

Wrong token is showing

You can do two things.

  • Use /z pepe 2 or 3 to get the next result (works with any query)
  • Set a token filter for your group (any member can do this): /rickfix pepe 0x...

Do not respond to contracts

Use /autoresponder off if you don’t want the bot to respond to contracts.

Use /noresultmode off to only have the bot respond if there is a active trading pair.

Fix X/Twitter Previews

Use /fixtwitter on and Rick will delete all x.com links and repost them as fxtwitter.com links. To disable, use fixtwitter off

The benefits of using this:

  • Play media without leaving Telegram
  • 99% chance of showing a embedded preview
  • Supports “instant view”
  • Deleted tweets still shown in “instant view”

Check socials (ETH + SOL)

On any :eth: ETH or :sol: SOL token, click the SOC shortcut to quickly check socials in DM.

Alternatively, you can use /soc 0x... or /soc pepe (search works only for ETH). Keep in mind, searching by token contract is preferred, in case searching by query gives the wrong token.

For :base: base, use /bsoc 0x...

Ignore cashtags

If you want to prevent a response on $cashtags, you can turn this feature off with /cashtags off. This feature is useful for channels that have Rick in their discussion channel, and want to trigger the bot when they use $cashtags in updates.



@BurpBoard updates every hour, with a 7D overview twice a day, and 31D overview every week (the latter will be pinned). Every group participates, and are anon by default (anon off will show your members names in the leaderboards).

  • /burp will show all newly seen (or tokens that dipped from lowest FDV seen) in the last hour. It’s a quick way to check how new tokens are doing.
  • /idk is similar, however this will show all tokens that are checked in the last 4H.
  • /lasergun shows recent tokens seen, sorted by 1H change


You can switch the default pricemode for the autoresponder and $cashtag responder with pricemode sim or adv.

The default mode (adv), will show a detailed price embed when you paste a contract. This is similar to using /x. You can try the difference quickly by running /z pepe and /x pepe.

By design, /z is meant to be used for a price check, it will show a minimalistic embed with compact information and keeps your chat clean. You can default to this view by running /pricemode sim (for simple).

Index (top 10 by mcap)

CoinGecko tokens

For non-DEX tokens, you can use /a doge to query information from CoinGecko. To get the next result, use /a doge 2.

Quick X Project info

Use /moni blur_io to get a quick scan of any Twitter/X account. This data is available in full on Moni Discover.


Set quick reminders for… anything. Ricklog - Rick Sanchez

Two ways to use:

  • Single command: /remind 5m example reminder - Rick will post & pin your reminder.
  • Reply to message to remind of: /remind 5m <optional note> - Rick will respond to the selected message + pin the reminder to ping group members.

Alpha Pings

Since @everyone is not a feature in Telegram, we can use pins to ping all members. Anyone in a group can use this commands. There are three ways to use this.

  • Just send /ping
  • Reply with /ping to a message
  • Send /ping <message here>

Just try them out and see the difference in execution yourself.

Rick needs pin permissions for the remind/ping features to be effective.

AI credits

Learn about credits, they are used for AI commands.

Chat summaries

You can use /dub (NEW: use /dubx for better summaries) to get a quick summary of the recent messages in your chat. No, you can’t get a summary for all the messages you missed after sleep, the input is limited to a fixed amount of messages to ensure the quality.

New on Telegram :new:

Use dubx <custom instruction> to give additional instructions, this is useful if you want the summary to be focused to a certain person or topic. You can get really creative here, even in fun ways!

  • /dubx let's focus on @mentionlux
  • /dubx just Ethereum stuff please
  • /dubx you should roast all chat participants


Use /tldr https://... to TLDR an article or website. NEW: There is no need to use /vid command for YouTube videos, just use /tldr for all your “TLDR” needs.

There are multiple ways to use this command:

  • /tldr https://article.com
  • /tldr in reply to any message with a link
    • The first link will be grabbed and TLDR’d.
  • tldr in reply to any long message without a link
    • You can use this to summarize any long-form message right inside your chat.

YouTube summaries with /vid

Use /vid https://... to TLDR a YouTube video.

UPDATE: The /tldr command supports YouTube videos directly now, /vid still works.

Token title explained

In the title, next to the token name, Rick always shows the [FDV/24H change] for your convenience.

Some emoji’s are used as well:

  • :new: Token age < 15 minutes
  • :fire: Token is at ATH (all time high)
  • :green_circle: Not flagged as HP (eth/bsc only)
  • :yellow_circle: Unknown (default emoji)
  • :red_circle: :warning: Flagged as HP
  • :warning: Pay attention
  • :pill: Is launched on pump.fun - more info

Wubba (ping)

Type /wubba for a simple response check. You can use this to check if the bot is down. A successful response should say: “Burp… Ping! That took about… 113ms, Morty.”