Leaderboards (BurpBoard)

In the leaderboard feeds (scroll down on how to add), Rick will post the performance of the tracked tokens across all servers.

  • Every hour: Top tokens tracked in the last 24H
  • Every morning/evening: Top tokens tracked in the last 7D
  • Every monday: Top tokens tracked in the last 31D

Your community will automatically join the token leaderboards.

  • Any contract/link that is posted will be tracked. The first check, or the one with the lowest FDV is stored, this is cross-server/globally.

  • Refer to the FAQ to add the BurpBoard to your server.

  • Alternatively you can follow the 🏆・leaderboard channel in Alpha Pack or BurpBoard on Telegram.

Lines explained

🥇 | TOKEN NAME @ Lowest FDV Shared ➜ Current FDV Δ DELTA

How to add BurpBoard to your server?

  1. Create a read-only channel in your server.
  2. Join Alpha Pack
  3. Click “Follow” in the :trophy:・burpboard channel.
  4. Select your server and the channel.
  5. Updates are automatically posted to your channel.

Rankings (Discord-only)

You can read more about rankings in this post.


:telegram: Telegram version: Due to lack of flexibility in Telegram, admins can use anon on/off to [redact] their members from the leaderboards. Default is off.