Leaderboards (BurpBoard)

In the leaderboard feeds (scroll down on how to add), Rick will post the performance of the tracked tokens across all servers.

Your community will automatically join the token leaderboards.

  • Any contract/link that is posted will be tracked. The first check, or the one with the lowest FDV is stored, this is cross-server/globally.

  • Refer to the FAQ to add the BurpBoard to your server.

  • Alternatively you can follow the 🏆・leaderboard channel in Alpha Pack or BurpBoard on Telegram.

Lines explained

🥇 | TOKEN NAME @ Lowest FDV Shared ➜ Current FDV Δ DELTA

How to add BurpBoard to your server?

  1. Create a read-only channel in your server.
  2. Join Alpha Pack
  3. Click “Follow” in the :trophy:・burpboard channel.
  4. Select your server and the channel.
  5. Updates are automatically posted to your channel.

Rankings (Discord-only) :discord:

You can read more about rankings in this post.


:telegram: Telegram version: Due to lack of flexibility in Telegram, admins can use anon on/off to [redact] their members from the leaderboards. Default is off.