Start with Telegram - Rick Chainley

This is the Telegram version for Rick based on the Discord bot. Features are more or less the same, so please refer to main docs for more information.

:mailbox: For all inquiries: find contact information here!


To start, some setup basics and tips.

  • :shield: Permissions

    • Admin - needed to listen to contracts + AI chatbot, if you don’t need these features, most commands can still be used without admin permissions.
    • Delete/pin messages - also optional, but used for cleaning up some messages + reminders/pings/summaries
  • :microbe: Read about leaderboards before adding this bot to your (private) group.

  • :warning: /anon off will have your members appear in the leaderboards (default is on). Private (DM) checks are always [redacted].

  • :wastebasket: Reply with ‘X’ to a message from Rick to quickly delete it.

  • :ninja: Tokens are still tracked in the background when the autoresponder is turned off.

Add to group or DM Rick

:telegram: @RickBurpBot or add it to a group directly


You can join the leaderboard channel through the following link. Read about the leaderboard feature.

:mega: Announcements will be posted on Talk.Markets or @BurpBoard


Click here to view all Telegram commands for Rick.

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