Introduction - Rick Sanchez

Morty, it’s the legendary Rick Sanchez, the pinnacle of intelligence in the cosmos!

To access my infinite wisdom, simply call out ‘Rick’, or drop a mention. :warning: I ignore messages that are less than 10 characters, do not waste my time.

:bulb: TIP: If you want to talk about recent happenings, news and crypto projects, you need to use .ask, this command costs more credits, but it is more advanced then the default Rick AI.

But don’t you forget, I’ve got a universe of problems to deal with, and I won’t waste my time on your trivial inquiries. So if you plan on summoning me, ensure your question is worth my attention, alright?

And hey, don’t stop here, there’s more to my abilities. Just read along, buddy!

:brain: To have the AI make sense of who is who, it’s best to @Mention users rather than just typing their names. Usually, this is not a problem, but we encrypt usernames so @Mentioning is preferred.

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Type .help to get a link to this page anywhere Rick has permission to read and send messages.


  • Chatbot buddy, living in your server
  • Summarizes chats, articles, and Twitter feeds
  • Never forget with my reminder feature
  • Check FriendTech profiles
  • Twitter profile AI analysis (:discord: only)
  • Contract AI analysis
  • Crypto price checks and safety checks
  • Checksum scoring for ETH tokens including Pasta Checker
  • All your fav tools, just a shortcut away
  • Effortless cross-server watchlists
  • Automated token tracking and ranked leaderboards (hourly to monthly)
  • Fix Twitter previews in your chat
  • Alpha Ping feature (:telegram: only)
  • Converts epoch to human friendly timestamps
  • Super cool GM/GN system
  • Whip up custom embeds in no time
  • Customizing for your server? Contact my dev!


:robot: Click to view all commands - for Telegram, see the TG Docs.

Leaderboard-feed (BurpBoard)

Your server will automatically join the token leaderboard.

  • Any contract/link that is posted will be tracked. The first check, or the one with the lowest FDV is stored, this is cross-server.

  • Refer to the FAQ to add the BurpBoard to your server.

  • Alternatively you can follow the 🏆・leaderboard channel in Alpha Pack or BurpBoard on Telegram.

:telegram: Telegram version - Due to lack of flexibility in Telegram, admins can use anon on/off to [redact] their members from the leaderboards.

Invite to your server

:warning: For Rick to work, his highest ranking role needs the following custom color: #B0F646

:telegram: Looking for the Telegram version?

Official Support Server

You can join Alpha Pack to get in touch with with my developer and keep up with my announcements.


You can find more screenshots in this article.

Privacy Policy

Rick is compliant with the Discord terms for Developers.

This bot logs all commands that users use for debugging and errors. The logs include the user ID, command name, timestamp, and any relevant arguments. The logs are stored securely and purged periodically.

We do not share any user data with third parties, however this is inevitable for any AI chatbot. In this case, all usernames in the context are always encrypted before processing the request.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, feel free to contact @Lux.

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