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Morty, it’s the legendary Rick Sanchez, the pinnacle of intelligence in the cosmos! To access my infinite wisdom, simply call out ‘Rick’, or drop a mention.

I ignore messages that are less then 10 characters, do not waste my time.

But don’t you forget, I’ve got a universe of problems to deal with, and I won’t waste my time on your trivial inquiries. So if you plan on summoning me, ensure your question is worth my attention, alright?

And hey, don’t stop here, there’s more to my abilities. Just read along, buddy!

Type .help to get a link to this page anywhere Rick has permissions to read and send messages.


  • AI chatbot
  • Chat summaries
  • Web Article/Thread summaries
  • Pricebot/HP checking for any DeFi token
  • Includes shortcuts to any popular tool
  • Token tracking (cross-server)
  • Hourly/weekly/monthly leaderboards
  • Interactive commands to generate shorter-term leaderboards
  • Epoch to human time converter
  • Advanced GM/GN system
  • Reputation system: “SpaceCreds”
  • Generate simple embeds for your server
  • Custom features for your server are possible


Click to view all commands.

Leaderboard-feed (BurpBoard)

  • Your server will automatically join the token leaderboard.

    • Any contract/link that is shared will be tracked. The check with the lowest FDV is stored, this is cross-server.
    • Whitelisted servers can contact @Lux with a read-only channel ID to have the feed posted in their server.
  • Alternatively you can follow the 🏆・leaderboard channel in Alpha Pack.

:telegram: Telegram version - Due to lack of flexibility in Telegram, admins can use anon on/off to [redact] their members from the leaderboards.

Invite to your server

:warning: For Rick to work, his highest ranking role needs the following custom color: #B0F646, as it matches Rick’s embeds and profile picture.

Currently in beta phase, a public limited version is available: Invite Rick

You can request whitelisting Rick for your server by contacting @Lux

The are some requirements to get Rick to work in your server. Please refer to the documentation for admins.

Official Test servers


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