Setting up Rick in Discord

Adding Rick to your Discord community? This topic guides you through the process.


:warning: For Rick to work, his highest-ranking role needs the custom color below for aesthetics.

The best practice for this, is to change his default “Rick” role color to the required color or create a new role with the required color, and assign it to Rick.


Invite Rick

Required permissions

Rick needs the following permissions for the channels where you want him to be, to work properly.

  • View Channel
  • Send Messages
  • Read Message History
  • Manage Messages (to clean up commands and rate-limit notices)
  • Embed Links
  • Add reactions
  • Use External Emojis
  • Member roles you want to give access to /commands need “Use Application Commands”
  • Create Public Threads & Send Messages in Threads (optional, in most server this is not needed).

:rotating_light: Never give third-party bots Administrator rights, including Rick!

To disable Rick in a channel, remove read/send permissions from the desired channel. Note: this will also stop tracking tokens that your members check.

Add BurpBoard feed

To add a leaderboard to your server, read this item.

For the Telegram version, just join @BurpBoard

:mag: The leaderboard is automated and unvetted, even though most scams are filtered, it would be good to add a DYOR warning your channel description.

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