Discord Updates for Rick

Rankings :trophy:

The reputation system has been replaced for rankings. Experience is given to the top 10 users and guilds on the hourly/weekly/monthly generated leaderboards.

A set amount of exp is given every day to the users and guilds on the leaderboards, where the most are given to the no. 1. It might take a while, before you even reach rank 1.

Ranking logic might change in the future, so consider this… Season 1?

:game_die: This is just a fun feature, luck is a big factor to getting first seen mark. However overtime, rankings should reflect the amount of time you/your guild is on the leaderboads.

Users :orangutan:

Users can check their ranking with .rep and check the ranking leaderboard with the slash command /rep.

If a user has a rank, it’s always shown on the leaderboards/burps right next to the username: mentionlux (13).

Start date: 2023-07-29T22:00:00Z

Guilds :european_castle:

The top 10 best ranked guilds, can be shown with /guildrep. For now, this is the only way to see guild ranks, so if you are not in the top-10, your guild rank remains a secret.

Guilds rank up significantly slower than users.

Start date: 2023-08-10T22:00:00Z

@server-admins: You can add the BurpBoard to your server - instructions here.