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This topic is reserved for announcements regarding Rick in general, e.g. applicable to both Telegram and Discord.

For platform specific announcements refer to the following:

Public version is now available: add Rick to your server - make sure to read admin docs and check the required permissions.

Rick for Telegram alpha version is now live. You can add him to your group using the link below. Focus will always be on Discord but core features have been ported to the Telegram bot.

Expect bugs in this version, please report them!

Leaderboards (BurpBoard) will be up and running soon.

Update for Discord/Telegram bots

  • /burp is now a non-whitelisted command means any Discord server can use it.

  • @RickBurpBot is live, as well as the @BurpBoard

    • Most features have been implemented, pricebot, token tracking, /burp/idk/lasergun commands, integrated AI chatbot & more | Most features work in group-chats only!

    • Read all about the Telegram version here: Rick Sanchez on Telegram :telegram:

  • Many small improvements have been done to both versions.

Discord has been acting out with the username roll-out, channels aren’t loading for me.

Rick is reposting messages multiple times and troubleshooting at this point is not doable. I took him offline for the time being.

EDIT: issue has been resolved.

I’ve pushed an initial release of the credit system. Every user and chat will get some free credits to try out the features of their first interaction. Also, usernames in Telegram & Discord are now anonymized before sending them to AI models.

The feature is released in Telegram :telegram: and Discord :discord:


Credits can be bought either for a group chat or personally. Members will always use their personal balance before using the group balance. Anyone can buy credits for any group.

With this update, all commands are available for anyone to use, including the custom AI with internet access (command: /uhh in Telegram or .ask in Discord).

Usage in DM’s is also possible now.

Read more about Credits - Rick Sanchez


Because Telegram has a focus on “privacy” and LLM privacy terms are not the best, Rick now always encrypts usernames before sending chat history to LLMs. This feature is also implemented in Discord.

Any server owner can now add the BurpBoard to their server. Read how:

Rick in 75+ servers, thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Small update for Discord users. :tada:

Since we have the credit system in place, anyone should be able to use all commands.

:discord: The Commands for Discord - Rick Sanchez article has been updated accordingly.

AI Threads - Beta

A new feature is currently in beta. Rick will respond in a new thread if there is a reply to a previous message Rick said. This should help the AI with context, and keep channels clean.

Future responses to a message that already has a thread, will be answered in the existing thread (do not rename threads generated by Rick for this reason).

Server admins can contact me in Discord if you want this enabled for your server, or if you have questions about anything.

:white_check_mark: UPDATE: The feature seems stable, it should be live in all servers now.


You can use .socials 0x... (short version: .soc) to check any Ethereum contract for socials. This is a free command. Supported in Discord & Telegram.


Discord: Pricebot preferences

Discord server admins can now set their server preferences for the autoresponder (the one that responds when a CA is detected).


Default is advanced - can be set to simple, advanced, or completely off.


Default is ON - turn OFF to disable the autoresponder when no price information is returned (basically pre-launched ca’s/NFTs/wallets).

Required permission: Manage Server

Turning these off does not stop tracking tokens. Simply remove Rick’s read access to sensitive channels to achieve this.

Telegram: summarizoor

You can now summarize articles and PDF links. The command for this is /tldr.

Server limit, GPT4 analysis

Introducing a new GPT4 contract analysis command, including great speed upgrades on leaderboard generation commands.

Discord server limit

Rick is currently in 100 servers, this is the hard limit for unverified bots. Verification is pending, but it might take a while. If you’re unable to add Rick to your server, it’s because he is in 100 servers.

GPT4 Contract Analysis

Users who bought credits, are able to do a GPT4 analysis for any verified ETH contract. More about credits.

In Discord, you can use the following commands:

.aica <contract> - GPT3.5 Analysis - 20 credits

.ap <contract> (or /aicapro) - GPT4 Analysis - 75 credits

In Telegram, the same can be done with /aicapro. Group/servers and trial credits can not be used for this command.

GPT4 analysis is significantly better and more in depth then a GPT3.5 analysis. However, you should still take it with a grain of salt. It can give insights to any contract, but still lacks on detecting every piece of malicious code. So, DYOR in any case.

AI analysis are cached, if you a hit a cache, you will get a 60% discount on the cost. Credits are automatically subtracted after every completed command - even if you requested it earlier.

All commands

Commands for Discord - Rick Sanchez :discord:

Telegram Docs - Rick Sanchez :telegram:

:new: Reminders

This feature was already present in telegram, now it’s available in Discord too. Reminders can be set on a per-channel basis.

Docs/command list will be updated soon.

Both Discord and Telegram have the same workflow.

:discord: Discord uses slash-commands for the reminder feature.

Set a reminder

  • /remind 1h30m test
    • In Discord, use the /slash-command and use the fields, when, what and who. Who is optional, if you leave it untouched only you will get pinged.
  • Supports: m, h, d (mins, hours, days)
    • Examples: 1h30m, 7d12h, 10m, etc etc

Delete a reminder

  • /nevermind id
    • The ID is shown on creation and in the reminder list.

Show reminders for current channel

  • /listreminders

:beetle: Please let me know if you encounter any bug or issue!

BananaGun shortcut :banana::gun:

Banana Gun is getting some attention, for those who already use it you can now use the BN shortcut to quickly buy a token with Banana bot.

You start setting the bot up by starting a chat with the bot on Telegram.

Full disclosure: I am using a referral link for BananaGun.

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No-Effort watchlists :eyes:

I just pushed an experimental feature. Rick will remember the last 15 tokens you check anywhere. You can request this watchlist at any time with /watchlist, Rick will return a top-10 based on the performance since you’ve first seen the token.

The cooldown is 5 minutes, but is likely to be increased in the near future.

This feature is available for everyone, however I haven’t decided if this will be a add-on feature or if it will stay free.

Let me know about any issues!

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Quick $BASE :base: update

:warning::rotating_light: There won’t be a Rick Sanchez token!

Rick users can now query friend.tech info with the .ft command in Discord :discord: and /ft on Telegram :telegram:

Instead of a username, you can also query based on:

  • a tweet URL
  • a full tweet URL
  • a friend.tech wallet address