Telegram Updates for Rick

Read about the latest updates and announcements about Rick Sanchez for Telegram.

Everyone feature + delete price checks

A neat feature: ping a chat - like @everyone in Discord. Rick will force-pin the notification. Everyone will be notified.

There are three ways to do this.

  1. Ping existing message: Reply to any message you want to ping with /ping
  2. Fast ping: you said some shit and just want to alert the group: type /ping
  3. Message ping: Rick will post your message and force-pin in directly: /ping get rekt

Delete a message from Rick

Checked the wrong price?

Since we don’t have reactions like Discord, you can delete any pricemessage (actually any message from Rick) by just replying with x within 1 minute.

:warning: Permissions needed: Admin + delete messages + pin messages.

Telegram preferences :telegram:

Group chat admins can now use /pricemode adv and /pricemode sim to change the response style for the autoresponder.

The default is simple, /x command is the same as advanced which you are all probably familiar with, the new /z command will respond with the short widget.

/x will always show the advanced widget and /z will always show the short widget, regardless of your group preference.

New beta feature: CoinGecko lookup

Telegram users can now look up CoinGecko tokens with /a <search query>, for example: /a xmr

If you’re noticing any responsiveness issues with @RickBurpBot (and other Telegram bots!) it’s because the Telegram Bot API is having issues at the moment. Main website is also unreachable.

Rick x $INJ

As you may have noticed recently, some bug is causing the TG bot to go down quite often.

Ever since this happened, I’ve been very busy trying to find the root cause of this. I feel I am close, but not there yet. The server can handle all requests very well, but when timing out, it fails to send the responses to the Telegram endpoint.

First of all, hours of downtime shouldn’t happen anymore. This was mostly due to me being AFK or asleep, and the bots never really crashed before. If the bot is timing out, it will auto-restart in 1-2 minutes. This allows me to find the bug in peace, since I’m unable to reproduce to bug manually, it has to happen to see if my changes (or not) to see if my changes had any effect.

Some changes have been made to improve the performance of the bot:

  • Short AI queries like “Hi Rick” will be ignored from now on.

  • Several rate limits have been implemented to prevent spamming contracts to the bot.

  • I allowed querying the bot using self-bots before, but I will start banning IDs that are consistently spamming the bot.
    TIP: You can add a deep link to Rick using ?start=0xcontract from your bot for quick access.

Some of these changes might be reverted when the bug is found.

:white_check_mark: Solved!

Rick now listens to TON contracts or pairs.

Listening to TON token format is pretty tricky, and we already listen to many different token formats, so if Rick is responding to any thing that it shouldn’t, lmk.

Tokens can be searched as well, however if u are searching by name, end the query with ton


Keep in mind, very quick and dirty feature since I’m patiently waiting for DexScreener to integrate.

[PUBLIC BETA] Dub V2 (Summaries V2)

If you are using summaries (/dub) regularly, you can now try out /dubx to try a new version of the summary command. This version should have a better understanding of the relations and context in your chat - I’ve seen worse results than Summaries V1, but in general, results of V2 are better.

Keep in mind this feature takes the same amount of credits as the regular summarize command.

Your feedback on this will be appreciated!

:warning: Do not use /dubx and /dub subsequently to “compare” the results, because the first will influence the other strongly if not enough new messages came in between the two invocations.

New command: groupgun :gun:

Additionally to the /groupburp command, you can now use /groupgun to get a similar overview, however this only shows tokens with a larger cap.

This view is a bit more static and enables the ability to use the Active token tracking for communities feature for larger caps alongside your degen adventures!

I see a micro cap shitter in this list, why?

It might be possible that the token was last checked in your chat at 3M FDV, so this token will be included in your overview. If the token dumped at the time you run /groupgun, it will show in your #GROUPGUN overview until you scan this token again.

This feature will be available in Discord soon.