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15 minutes, expect volatility: https://www.justice.gov/live

YouTube link: LIVE: Department of Justice announces international cryptocurrency enforcement action — 01/18/23 - YouTube OR WATCH LIVE: Justice Department holds briefing to announce new action on "cryptocurrency enforcement" - YouTube

[DB] New FTX CEO John J. Ray III Says He’s Considering Restarting Crypto Exchange: WSJ

New NFT marketplace, check if you can claim boxes >> AlienSwap Mystery Boxes

Free coinbase NFT mint

Collabland airdrop later tonight: 2023-02-24T01:00:00Z

Arbitrum airdrop | claim @ 2023-03-23T14:00:00Z

Try the new Discord mobile UI :point_down:

@rektfencer is launching $RektARB @ 2023-04-22T17:00:00Z


If you claimed $ARB, you can claim this as well.


You can claim $REKT now!

Be MEV aware frens!

Rick now tracks shills across servers. Currently running alpha version for 24 hours ish in @0xCrypticCrypto and my own server exclusively. Drop a DM if you’re a server owner and might be interested. More info :thread:

Lol, OpenSea supports $PEPE now

Everything you need to get started on Pulse Chain :brain:

My guide will be updated as more dApps in the ecosystem will go live, read it here.

Cointelegraph Twitter compromised, stay safe.

Finally polished the ‘Shitcoineur’ cheatsheet from my drafts. :boom:

Awesome market update feed

Curated TG folder pack (update required) from OfficerCIA