Important Announcements [ACT IMMEDIATELY] DNS hijacked: - DO NOT interact :rotating_light:

Revoke stable permissions if you’ve approved on Curve before, to be safe.

PSA: Update your Chrome browser ASAP! More info in the tweet below. :rotating_light:

Go to 3 dots in top corner > Help > About Google Chrome, let it update and relaunch.

PSA2: cBridge (celer) frontend comprimised. If you’ve recently used the bridge, revoke stables permissions (contract in the tweet below).

How to revoke permissions in DeFi

What a nice day! Update your iOS/Mac devices ASAP! :rotating_light:

PSA - if you run nodes on Hetzner :rotating_light:

:rotating_light: Update your Chrome browser ASAP! | CRITICAL ALERT: Chromium 0-Day

Google gave little to no details on this. They did mention its believed to be actively exploited. Recommend to UPDATE ASAP.

There is an exploit on Rabby wallet Swap smart contract. Revoke if you used this.

Uninstall the FTX App, immediately! There is an auto-update pushed out, avoid while this is occurring!

CZ hinting at and not being safe after weird transactions taking place.

:arrow_right: I recommend taking your money out of these platforms. There is no reason whatsoever to keep your coins there, especially amidst all of this.