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Will be sharing some of my plays here, please always DYOR. I don’t really know what I’m doing. First one up…

Project: LevX DAO
Mainnet: ETH
When: Before 31-Oct
Why: OH-GEEZ SNAPSHOT - Final and ever-lasting @Oh…Geez snapshot will be taken at Nov 1st 00:00 UTC. If you’re holding 0.111 OH-GEEZ, you earn the permanent residency as a Morty and get a uniquely identified NFT (ex. Morty#69, Morty#333)

Extra Information


Short update on LevX DAO. U have about 15 hours left to participate in this airdrop. I think it might be worth it.

You must share the tweet in #tweets channel in their Discord. You need 0.11 OH-GEEZ to be able to post.

More LevX reading material

First this: DAO 0.333 — Why you should become part of the LevX DAO | by LevX | LevX DAO

Then this: Why $LEVX is Special. The LevX DAŌh..Geez (LEVX) token will… | by Cookies | LevX DAO

Optional: The ultimate guide to roles in LevX DAO: Oh-Geez Era | by Bloob | Medium


Project: Bomb Crypto
Mainnet: BSC
When: Live already
Why: P2E game, idle but not 24/7 idle, needs to be on the page to have your heroes play. As your heroes level up, they increase in stats and progress will be faster. It’s not really idle since you advance maps, so this might not be for everyone. You can leave it open in the background tho.

Extra Information

  • Buy some BCOIN (Poo)
    • You can get 15 heroes to play at the same time, this is gonna cost 150 BCOINS.
  • Launch app and connect wallet
  • Go to shop and mint 10 at one time, then additional 5 if you want.
  • Go to Treasure Hunt and leave it open, your heroes will play idle. You need to leave it open… They will destroy chests which will give you BCOINS and also the chance to find new heroes.

Coming soon: Adventure & PVP.

As you gain more heroes, you can level up the rarer ones by burning your commons.

DYOR please.


Nice read into the tokenomics and some speculation about the LevX token. Will also update this post when OH-GEEZ>LEVX swap UI is ready.

Senpai upcoming OHM fork token just went live on BOBA. Staking to be announced.

MetaverseGG is a look-a-like Habbo metaverse project.

You can now join the waitlist pre-registration on their website.

“Multiplayer social game inspired by Animal Crossing NH, Club Penguin, Habbo Hotel, and more – on the blockchain!”

LimeWire airdrop coming soon

Across Bridge airdrop - use referral links from friends to be eligible for a upcoming airdrop. The more volume OR unique addresses that used your reflink, the higher your referral tier will be, thus increasing your amount of $ACX tokens.

Detailed information is in the medium below.

Two potential airdrops worth checking out.


The process is similar to Canto, help testing on testnet and get rewarded in mainnet tokens when it goes live.

“ZetaLabs lets you contribute to the ZetaChain blockchain development by testing with omnichain dApps built on the ZetaChain Testnet. Contributors can invite others to join and test the various products on ZetaLabs to earn ZETA points which track your progress as a tester.”

“With fragments we want to enable fund creation on-chain to seamlessly connect diligent investors with retail investors to pool funds and invest in assets collectively.” Read the thread below to learn move about this project.

Referral code: 2744a695 > enter this at the waitlist signup.

Probably worth keeping an eye on BeraChain :bear: :chains:

Make sure to read up:

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Claim a Starknet identity (make sure to be on Goerli testnet). If you’re not familiar with StarkNet you can start here.

Secondly, do a few clicks to get OG with StarkBoard.

There also is StarkNames. Doesn’t hurt to mint a few names on testnet.

Testnet Specular

Main web + RPC details/faucet > do some swaps on SpecSwap

Airdrops (confirmed)

Stride zone airdrop

JumpDeFi testnet

Join the waitlist for TradeStream - TradeStream integrates with all of your favorite crypto exchanges to provide in-depth performance tracking for your trading

Join waitlist for Mov3r: Aptos Bridge Early Access

Early access for Hercules Swap

  1. Go to Herculeswap | Join Early Access
  2. Sign in with Twitter
  3. Use invite code: iE817vFF
  4. Enter wallet & done :100:

Some Twitter fork, signed up for the lolz - might be something… Saw some influencers shill it and seems some folks already signed up.

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This looks good and it might do well. Founders Pass mint is Oct 5 afaik. They also do a free mint, which you can sign up for with the link below and invite at least 5 friends.


Pixels Game: Seeing this gets shared a lot, get in the top 20K to qualify for their airdrop: Pixels Airdrop Tracker

Quest walkthrough: Youtube Channel

Shibarium Beta coming soon

Sign up for the waitlist on Quiver

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No clue what happened here… 1 year ahead and we have a new ref/invite campaign (without any trace of their old campaign) and a KYC’ed “token sale” @ 2023-05-01T12:00:00Z

Edit: looks like some normie targeted token, will probably pass and watch.

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