NFT / Gamefi plays

Will be sharing interesting (and sometimes degen) NFT drops here, please always DYOR.

Project: ParallelNFT
Date: 2021-10-30T21:00:00Z
Why: Very promising NFT drop, will use reservation system to avoid gas war. Make sure to register for an account on their website.

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Mainnet: BSC
When: Excisting project
Why: Just because I like Waifus :blush: It is the NFT game from HIBIKI finance. You can fight and bet HBIKI to make more HBIKI. Advice to only mint if you like Waifu PFP.

The Price Tiers are as follows:

0-49: 0.01 BNB
50-999: 0.02 BNB
1000-1499: 0.05 BNB
1500-1999: 0.07 BNB
2000-2499: 0.1 BNB
2500-2999: 0.12
3000-3999: 0.13
4000-4999: 0.15 (current, at time of posting)
5000-5999: 0.2
6000-6999: 0.3
7000-7999: 0.5
8000-8899: 0.6
8900-8999: 0.7
9000: 5 (assured epic)
9001: 10 (assured legendary)

TG: Telegram: Contact @hibikifinance

Project: Habbo (PFP mint)
Mainnet: ETH
When: 2021-10-31T23:00:00Z
Why: I believe Habbo will adapt to Metaverse hype long term. This is a free mint if you own a Habbo Avatar (OpenSea).

Mint link: Habbo NFTs (you can mint till end of November)

Official site: Habbo
Discord: Habbo NFT
Portait Opensea:

Free MOBOX mint on Binance app

  1. Update the Binance app,
  2. Swipe down on homepage > Select MOBOX Game
  3. Claim the free NFT drop
  4. Tap Tickets
  5. Enter 6883078 to get your first ticket
  6. Share your code for more tickets for this raffle.

Some Solana mints for today.

21:00 UTC -

21:00 UTC - (public 17th)

01:00 UTC -

This project may take off…

Please use my invite code in #enter-code channel:

This looks like a decent free mint.

Another 9gag raffle, Potatoz this time. For this one you need an 9gag account. The older the account, the better.

Porsche NFT. Just sign up and don’t forget to confirm your email address. Don’t know any details yet, I think no one does at this point lol. Other car brand NFT’s did well (but also hard & expensive to mint).

Busy day today… The Iranians, just incase they pull a Sheiks (but probably not …)

Gm. One more chance for The Turks + a form for The Jews. (Btw, Turks are minting tonight!)

$YAW airdrop (Solana) - How to qualify?

TLDR: Magic Eden snapshot for first half of 2022 has been made. Connect your wallet here, connect discord/email and list an NFT.

Or if you’re not lazy, just read this thread.

Nickelodeon NFT’s, nostalgic for most of us.

Supply is 10k, 5k for public. Can use fiat and crypto, no KYC.

Price = 50$, max 2 per txn.
Time: 2022-07-19T20:00:00Z

Morning, this is a shot in the deep but also launched by Recur on Aug, 4th. Just sign up with your email address.


On another note, Nickelodeon: Rugrats & Hey Arnold floor is well over 0.35 now (11x). GG if you managed to mint through their platform.

Rugrats x Hey Arnold!

There is an incentive to hold, regarding the Slime Score trait. Read more on that in the medium below.

Potatoz (9gag)

Results for this are out: The Potatoz Allowlist Winners - 19 Jul 2022 - Google Tabellen

Nickelodeon did pretty well (but “rekt” now), next up that should do well is Hello Kitty, also minted on Recur Platform.

This pass granted access to Nickelodeon presale, they might do the same for Hello Kitty. Make sure to deposit it into your Recur account.

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This looks nice… might be something.

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Murakami Raffle:

5 hours left to get roled (I assume) in Something is Happening discord. Join Discord, go to the website below, click Yes (you are ready) and type the displayed code in the waiting room.

EDIT: Nice thread

NIWANFT is minting in October. Might be worth to pick up an hausphase.

Few hours left to claim a free ōLand NFT: claim on Overline