Security Warnings/Exploits [ACT IMMEDIATELY] 🚨

For urgent matters of funds safety/exploit risk which requires the user to act fast.

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MetaMask and Infura will track your IP

Update your Chrome browser

Update your Apple devices sers.

MacOS users, just don’t install untrusted .dmg files if you don’t know where it’s coming from.

Revoke all SushiSwap approvals if you interacted in the last 3-4 days! Ongoing exploit…

How to revoke permissions in DeFi

Apple users should update to the latest versions, iOS 16.4.1 and macOS 13.3.1 to patch the vulnerabilities discovered:

Atomic Wallet users - secure your funds (if not too late…)


Wallet Guard tweeted about a new zero-day vulnerability in Chrome (CVE-2023-3079) that is being actively exploited in the wild. Chrome has issued an emergency update to address this vulnerability, which can lead to arbitrary code execution.

[DOX RISK] If you have published Arkham referrals, remove them if possible. It seems they are simply base64 encoded and even a child can decode this…

FYI, possible action required if active on ZkSync.

:warning: Withdraw your Balancer V2 LP’s immediately!