Shitcoineur [cheatsheet]

Intro :wave:

This has been sitting in my drafts for too long, finished the dots & I hope it helps and if I miss something, let me know. Anything here can be used for your daily degen grind, regular research and can greatly increase your general knowledge and awareness of the availability of several tools out there.

Wallet setup :moneybag:

Most people including me use Telegram bots like BananaGun :banana: and Maestro for most trades/snipes. It’s best to generate your wallet in Maestro and then import the private seeds to your browser wallet.

Read more: Why should you use BananaGun?

If you don’t want to use Telegram bots (tho, I highly recommend you do), you can also swap on Uniswap or KibaSwap with a wallet like MetaMask or Rabby.

I prefer Rabby, you can use the same MetaMask seed to switch to MetaMask if Rabby doesn’t work on a specific dApp. You can find links to the wallets here.

Honeypot checking :honey_pot:

Always compare results of multiple safety tools and make a wise decision. No tool is the best, and no tool can detect every honeypot, new honeypot methods are introduced on a daily basis.

Anti-MEV :sandwich:

This is a must-read or you will lose money - Banana does this by default, Maestro has a setting called Anti-MEV.

Essentials :toolbox:

  • DexScreener - Where I keep watchlists and do most charting
  • DexSpy - Monitor pending (dev) TX, token launches & live HP data
    • Use this on token launches because it’s the fastest & checks pending TX’s.
  • BananaGun bot - for sniping tokens in Telegram
  • Maestro - Telegram sniper/bot
  • Fast searching - Search Twitter/EtherScan & more in Chrome URL bar
  • Chrome bookmark scripts - To switch between most tools without copy pasting contracts.
  • KibaSwap - better UniSwap alternative

Research :mag_right:

Some tools & tricks I use that help me do DD.

Other useful tools :brain:

Communities :people_hugging:

Socialize, make friends, there are many private/smaller groups out there, here are some publics to get started.

Random thoughts :thinking:

  • Besides the feeds in my discord I heavily rely on, check out this and this if you prefer Telegram.

  • Check early buyers in EtherScan to find good wallets to track.

  • Learn how slippage works. Some Maestro tips:

    • For buying launches: I personally use 99% slippage and Anti-MEV in Maestro for most of my apes. This is not the fastest, but it is the safest because you avoid getting sandwiched and still get in the token 99% of the time. This config is one I can use on any token without thinking.
    • Using slippage above 100% is risky, it’s better to increase your gas delta and try to get in just a bit earlier instead.
    • Experiment with different settings, this is a personal choice. There are no best-settings IMO.
  • Be on Twitter and follow interesting accounts. Much alpha can be found on Twitter, and it doesn’t always have to be from accounts with large followings.

  • Following everything is a lot, you can’t. I keep track of most things in Alpha Pack with the feeds I built over the years.