Why should you use BananaGun to snipe/buy tokens 🍌

Introducing BananaGun - why is it good?

:banana: Open BananaGun in Telegram

BananaGun has been getting quite a lot of attention lately, most likely due to the fact that Banana snipers have been performing well recently.

Most probably might not have noticed, but BananaGun has been integrated with Rick for a while now!

:sparkles: Main benefits of using BananaGun

  • Your transactions are MEV protected by default
  • Excellent sniping results among users
  • Smart anti-rug: Banana tries to sell a token if you’re about to get rugged (if it’s worth selling!)
  • Supports bribing
  • Dedicated buy and sell bot

:dart: Sniping

BananaGun excels in sniping. Bribing is what people do to get in block-0 as a bundle with other BananaGun users.

Tip: FoF + backup at all times. If less than 10 wallets are participating, then turn FoF off. Inside the bundle, position is sorted by tip. The more you tip, the better position you get.

:shopping: Buying/Selling

If a token is already trading, you can also simply buy and sell with Banana.

:banana: Start with BananaGun now