Upgrade your Discord client with BetterDiscord


First install the Discord app, then install BetterDiscord.

You can install Themes and Plugins to enhance your discord experience.

Recommended Plugins


Most recent version: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/samfundev/9f8ef7ad688630ea69bf5052c1415d54/raw/ChannelTabs.plugin.js




Add these to browse/install plugins & themes from your Discord settings

Use at own risk:

BetterDiscord does not work

Recently Discord updates started breaking BetterDiscord. If this happens, regularly try to check for Plugin & BetterDiscord updates.

If no plugin is loading, try repairing BetterDiscord.

  1. Download the most recent version
  2. Close Discord, run & repair binary, click yes when asked to reinstall
  3. Re-open Discord.