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Score :brain: is my variation to contract checksums. There are many bots that do this, but Rick does it a little differently. The magic sauce will stay a secret, but the vision here is to give a quick insight into the uniqueness of a token contract. Score may be renamed in a more Rick-ish style later on…

Updated 2023-08-30T22:00:00Z - now, whenever a live pair is not found, Rick will try to score the contract so you immediately see similar contracts (so .pre is basically done automatically).

The feature has been implemented in :discord: Discord and :telegram: Telegram; however, it will be in beta servers/chats for the time being.

Do not skip the warning.

Understanding scoring :dart:

It’s actually quite simple: a lower score means there are many copy pasta contracts out there. A score of 100 means the contract is unique, for now.

Scores are calculated every time a token is requested. If you are the first to check a contract, it might take a little longer to get a response, but it’s for the greater good.

Digging deeper :mag:

Since Rick does not do anything (except for showing the default QuickLink Panel) with contracts that do not have a price, like NFTs, addresses or pre-launch contracts, you can calculate a score before the token trading is enabled, and even lookup similar contracts.

In telegram, you can use the same commands with the / prefix.

It’s important to always call these commands with the token address - this is the address that you see in full on the default (advanced) price-embed from Rick. :rotating_light:

Pre-launch scoring :hourglass:

Keep in mind that a contract must be :white_check_mark: verified or Rick is not able to calculate a score.

.pre 0x...


Find the pastas :spaghetti:

If the score is not 100, there are similar contracts out there. Now, if you want to see the matched contracts, you can. The .pc or .ma command returns a list with a maximum of 15 matched contracts (the most recently seen contract will be the first).

.pc 0x...


Warning :warning:

This is in no way a bearish/bullish indicator, but just a simple way to indicate if a token contract is unique or not. Keep in mind I never kept old contracts that have been rugged, so the data should become more accurate over time. Always DYOR, a score of 100 just means Rick hasn’t found similar contracts, a very low score may mean it’s just a basic CA. Keep in mind this method is not 100% accurate.

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