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Some recent threads/reads I found worth to share :thread:





Some recent threads/reads I found worth to share :thread:

The truth about signing transactions

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Many interesting finds just today, figured a second post would be convenient.

MUST read this thread regarding ETH2/ETHPoW:


The merge, upcoming blockchains, CT accounts to follow & more.

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Hot Twitter takes on: Free to own, shitcoining, games vs. botting, and more! Sorry for the long post.

Twitter takes:

  • We need good ponzi’s
  • y00ts minting process
  • Web3 dev thoughts
  • $SUDO airdrop
  • Upcoming on Arbitrum - Alfa hunting


Twitter takes that caught my attention:

  • Best VC’s in Crypto
  • PinkSale vs PandaSale
  • XdX Exchange
  • 5BTC faucet
  • ELI5 on MEV
  • BSC building zk rollups?


Sept 9 - Twitter Takes
Fast L1’s, LUNC, The merge, projects on Arbitrum, NFT Tools & more

Dump of some interesting reads, as usual, covering ETHPoW, Arbitrum, Shibarium, free NFT tools and early SUI & Aptos projects.

EDIT: added The Merge & CEX support:

Collected the most “Interesting Reads” - Edition 12 (this one is a bit longer than regular, sorry, had a busy week!)

Quick note: Make sure to claim your DC airdrop before 2022-10-04T02:00:00Z - link here for your comfort :angel:

Topics covered: What to do if your wallet got hacked, Cosmos, Arbitrum NFT’s, Scaling NFT’s, Solidity learning, tokenomics, fundamental web3 concepts, Do Kwon, Zilliqa Web3 Console & GMX FUD.

Very long “Interesting Reads” - Edition 13

Covering Sui airdrop, Blur, ParaSwap airdrop, Reddit NFT’s, & way more!

Collected some “Interesting Reads” - Edition 14 (very long!)

Everything regarding the FTX collapse, is moved to the FTX Special.

General :newspaper:


DeFi :coin:


NFT :art:

FTX Special :rotating_light:

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