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A daily summary with notable shares, updates and news in the crypto space.

Summary January 16th


  • PixelDAO launching soon

  • Long thread on Gelato
  • Web3 activity
  • ETH 2.0


  • $LOOKS comprehensive review
  • NFT projects to keep an eye on
  • Interesting FTM project with NFT staking


  • L2 updates in one thread


  • Following good CT accounts

Summary January 17th

:warning: MultiChain - Action Required: Critical Vulnerability for Six Tokens

Wallmart plans to create own crypto + NFT

Marc Cuban bullish on DAO’s and NFT’s

BIg list with potential airdrop projects

Fun read on Punks

How Wikipedia’s Classification Of NFTs As ‘Not Art’ Impacts Equity In The Art World

China to Launch State-Backed, Crypto-Less NFT Platform

Understanding Music NFT’s

Vested tokens within NFT’s

Informative thread on Doodles

Play-to-earn game Axie Infinity: Where does the money come from?

About Airdrop tokens (free money)

Chainlink thread

Near Raises $150M From Major Crypto Investment Firms

MuesliSwap now supports mobile view (ADA)

Worth to read
Learn about Arweave

Long read on Ponzis


What is web3?

Summary January 18th

General hack

OKEx is now OKX

Bithumb to launch NFT marketplace

FTX Supports FTM mainnet

BitMEX to acquire german bank Bankhaus von der Heydt


Evmos launches on Jan 20th (also Rektdrop claiming will be possible)

Avoid failed ETH tx’s with FlashBots (beta)

Solana & Dropping TX’s

Weekly DeFi overview


Superplastic x Gucci collab to launch Feb 1st

What is RugRadio?

Worth to read

How to not get rekt

Thread by NFTethics - beanie exposed

Summary January 19th

General :newspaper:

Microsoft getting into the MetaVerse, bought Activision Blizzard

Coinbase partners with Mastercard to let users buy NFTs via cards

Google is planning to let users store crypto in digital cards

DeFI :zap:

Polygon starts burning MATIC tokens after network update

Weekly ETH news

Spreadsheet on NEAR projects

Dani’s visison

CryptoCred on PvP markets

Weekly DAO’s sumup

NFT :art:

OpenSea acquires Dharma

Solana NFT sales hit 1 Billion updated NFT dashboard
Zapper Product Update #7: New NFT Collections View, and the end of Zapperverse Season 2. | by Lindsay | Zapper | Jan, 2022 | Medium

Web3 on Terra

Worth to read :eye:

Thread by Cobie

Empirical Analysis of EIP-1559: Transaction Fees, Waiting Time,
and Consensus Security

How to size bets

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

SBF on FTX marketing

How to survive in crypto

Summary January 20th

General :newspaper:

Twitter rolling out access to NFT PFP’s

Huobi increases leverage on BTC/ETH to x200

Spain hunting down Crypto Influencers who fail to comply

Today in crypto

SEC rejects First Trust SkyBridge’s application for a spot Bitcoin ETF

DeFI :zap:

ve(3,3) thread

1inch adding Avalanche and Gnosis

Acala Transfers - 25th Jan

NFT :art:

Upcoming MEE6 NFT project

Meta experimenting with NFT marketplace on Instagram

Tokenomics on MixMob

MagicEden token soon

46M investment in MetaPlex

Rarity is misleading

HAPEBEAST minting has started, floor ±7 ETH

Adidas x Prada

Mooncats Looks investment

Worth to read :eye:

Solbigbrain on whitelist mints

Billy’s 2022 predictions, Vol 3

Thread on p2e games

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

Frog Radio

Solana Bootcamp 2022

UpOnly x Vitalik Buterin

Summary January 21th

General :newspaper:

El Savador buys the dip

Largest BTC miner went public on NASDAQ

Russia calls for ban on crypto

Fed report on Digital Dollar

DeFi :zap:

Betswap.GG launches on Sushi

Cardano congestion

Summary on how Cardano will scale

And a full article on Cardano scaling

CCvault Cardano wallet extension released

NFT :art:

Can WS algo traders win at the NFT game?

OpenSea will warn you if you list below floor

Worth to read :eye:

History of web3

Howard Marks summary or full read here

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

AviFelman’s take on markets for 2022

Summary January 22/23th

General :newspaper:

GenesysGo announces IDO Platform

Solana network suffering

Major upcoming events

DeFi :zap:

Flashbots Research

Tokenfy airdrop

Ironbank launched on Fantom

Evmos delayed

Themis mainnet launched

NFT :art:

What is $STARLY?

Worth to read :eye:

Thread by Mike Alfred on institutional money

Thread by lightcrypto

Main alts since ATH

Thread about VC’s

Take on the current markets

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

Momentum 6 Alpha Leak

Summary January 24th

General :newspaper:

Biden to release strategy for digital assets

Ukraine and impact on crypto

DeFi :zap:

Messari research on Web3

Friday saw most on-chain liquidations ever

NFT :art:

Prada waitlist opens

LooksRare updates

Worth to read :eye:

A thread on macro, bitcoin on-chain and derivatives

Making your trading system

A little history

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

Crypto Caeser: Analyst, Trader and Hedge Fund Manager Talks Bitcoin

Summary January 25th

General :newspaper:

Fed announcement on the 26th

IMF urge El Salvador to remove BTC as legal tender

Investment DAO’s

DeFi :zap:

Blockscan Chat integration on EtherScan

Wonderland situation

NFT :art:

Rick & Morty co-creator x Paradigm

Past month in the NFT space

OpenSea working on Solana integration

Jeff Opdyke about The Fellowship

Worth to read :eye:


1K to 100K in 60 days

ARK Big Ideas 2022

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

The Great L2 migration

Summary January 26/27th

General :newspaper:

MSTR will keep buying Bitcoin

Coinbase to list Solana tokens soon

Story from SBF

Rio puts 1% of treasury in Crypto

DeFi :zap:

Zach allegations on Daniele

Thread about zkSync


Fuse network vision

What is RON?

Rainbow for Android

Messari on Avalanche

NFT :art:

OpenSea volume reaches monthy ATH

Parallel Prime Proposal readup

NFT Maxi post


Thread on Uwucrew

December NFT recap

Worth to read :eye:

Web3 thread

Thread on MIM-UST

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

Alpha Leak M6 - Tor Bair

Notes on UpOnly - Michael Saylor

Summary January 28th

General :newspaper:

White House Wants Crypto Rules as a Matter of National Security

Nike is hiring a MetaVerse Director

Apple bullish on MetaVerse

‘Snow Job’: The Plot to Hand the Crypto Industry to the Big Banks

DeFi :zap:


Thoughts on [Redacted]

Binance Arbitrum hotwallet drained

Qubit exploited for 80M

NFT :art:

Genesis exploring institutional hedging for NFT’s

NEARton awarded grant from NEAR foundation

Worth to read :eye:

Nansen on crypto in 2021

Lessons from 140+ angel investments

Not so smart contracts

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

Vladimir Putin Supports Bitcoin Mining, Interview with Robert Breedlove - Bitcoin Magazine LIVE #27

Summary January 29-31th

General :newspaper:

Phantom on iOS released

Bankless Recap

Surge on NFT searches in Asia

Redditor send 500K in WETH to WETH contract…

Multichain Bites

NFT :art:

Companies exploring Metaverse

Ubisoft exec stays bullish on NFT’s

Worth to read :eye:

$MELT thread

How to research

Useful Twitter Lists

OSMO readup

DEX thread

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

Notes on web3 twitter spaces with SBF

WhatIsMoney on Bitcoin

Summary - Week 5

General :newspaper:

Texas Senator Bought the dip

Wormhole exploited

Old hacked BTC moved

BuzzFeed doxxed BAYC founders

NFT :art:

FTX x Coachella

80% of free mints were scams

FTX bought Liquid exchange

ImmutableX partners with GameStop

Balloonsville rugged

Worth to read :eye:

Learning MEV

Vitalik on multi-chain vs cross-chain

Podcasts & Video :clapper:

Emin on The Defiant

Notes on theBlockcrunch & MapleLeafCap

Crypto Roundup Edition 14 - Week 11

After a few busy weeks in real life, here is the next summary.

General :newspaper:

ECON committee vote, bullish for crypto

Good read on scams

2 Million ETH burned since EIP1559

ETH emission cut incoming

MetaMask token & DAO announced

NFT :art:

This week in NFT’s

NFT trends

Larvalabs hidden NFT hunt

Worth to read :eye:

Systems Thinking

Bullish on NFT’s

About taxes…

About SilkRoad


Podcasts & Video :clapper:

How to invest in NFT’s like a pro (by BlockCrunch)

Ukraine/Russia and the financial system

For now this topic is continued in Interesting Reads.