Bitcoin NFT's & BRC-20 | Ordinals [cheatsheet]

Get started with Ordinals, or “Bitcoin NFTs” if you’d like, we transact with Sats on the Lightning Network. Satoshis (Sats) are the smallest unit of a Bitcoin (BTC), one Sat is equal to one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).

:warning: Check out this thread for a comprehensive overview of Ordinals and a subtle FAQ. Must read for the basics IMO.

Set up a Lightning wallet

Easy wallets:

BRC-20 tokens



Overview & Stats


Alternative wallet (Alby + Bluewallet)

:rotating_light: Some people may tell you to use Electrum and Sparrow. These are receive only wallets - do NOT send Sats from these wallets or you will “break/burn/lose” your NFT. For Alby, I have no idea yet - but many people recommend it.

This method has not been tested by me, it was written on the early days. Easier solutions are out there now, probably just stick with one of the above.

Disclaimer ~ I think this is the way to do this without installing a 700GB Bitcoin node. I have not tested yet to actually buy an NFT (missoooor), if you did using this method, please let me know.

  • Wallet:

    1. Create Bitcoin + Lightning Wallet
    2. Wait a few minutes until you can refresh your Lightning wallet without an API error
    3. Click on your Lightning wallet and press the 3 dots in the right top
    4. Export/Backup
    5. Scroll to the bottom and copy lndhub://… URL.
  • Extension: | twitter

    1. Setup a wallet
    2. No need to make an Alby account, we will link with BlueWallet.
    3. Select BlueWallet as your wallet, and paste the URL from the previous step 5.

Threads and reads


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