Runes Protocol [cheatsheet]

Quick overview

Runes are fungible tokens that run on the Bitcoin blockchain. Similar to Ordinals. However, Ordinals are non-fungible (like NFTs), whilst Runes are fungible (like ERC20 tokens). Runes are made by the same dev(s?) as ordinals but are a significant upgrade and way more user friendly. Runes will launch at halving.

Every ticker is unique, with minimum 13 characters and maximum 18. Every +/-4 months, the minimum character will go down with 1 character.

Related: Bitcoin NFT’s & BRC-20 | Ordinals [cheatsheet] (yet to see how these two will be split up).


:warning: Keep in mind you are funding your legacy BTC address - do NOT send BTC to your ordinals address. MagicEden wallet will show these warnings.


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