TON network [cheatsheet]

TON :telegram:

The Telegram Open Network was originally founded by Durov. Now, it’s a 3rd party decentralized team, yet it’s heavily pushed and supported by Telegram itself and works seamlessly through the Telegram app.

There are two ways to enter the TON network.

  • From inside of Telegram itself (less secure but very fast and easy)
  • Through a web3 wallet

Access the network through Telegram :telegram:

There is no bridge needed.

  1. Go to your settings and find “wallet”
    If it’s not there, simply go to @wallet

  2. Fund with TON, USDT (TRC20), or BTC
    You can easily do this through FixedFloat or a CEX

  3. In the wallet, set up your TON Space

  4. Instantly and cheap you can swap funds from your wallet into Space

You can now swap inside of Space in Telegram as if it’s Uniswap.

Other wallets



Trading Bots


For now only one. Here you can find the best rate between and


As of now, only GeckoTerminal has charts for both and


NFT market



  1. Telegram has officially pushed this platform and allows selling of anonymous phone numbers for Telegram accounts, and Telegram name handles. ↩︎

  2. The biggest one and most volume. ↩︎

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