Tips & Tricks for Rick on Discord

This topic explains how to use Rick’s shortcuts as fast as possible, they look like this:

Rick's shortcuts

Some shortcuts, are hardcoded for Ethereum. This is because we can not always detect a chain (pre-launch contracts or addresses) and it’s a lot of coding for little benefit (Title URL/DEX/PRO/APE always works, so there’s always a way).

General settings

The first time you open a URL in Discord, always “Trust This Domain” for the links you trust, this is essential to open the links/TG bots like Maestro as fast as possible. Any link used in Rick can be trusted, they are widely used tools you probably already know.

Some links direct to a Telegram bot, however depending on your device/OS/browser the behavior might be different. So I’ll explain briefly what my settings currently are. I use the shortcuts PRO or APE (which opens Maestro bot) as examples below, because these are usually the most time sensitive.

MacOS / Chrome

  • Chrome might prompt you the first time, with something like “Always open Telegram for links like this” - you want to enable that, so the next time you click APE, Telegram will open instantly.
  • When you click APE (or any other) link on a Rick message, it should bring you to a link in your browser, and that should open Telegram automatically, all you need to do then is click start in the Telegram bot:


  • In Discord, go to Settings > Web Browser > set to Safari
  • Also make sure to click the small “trust domain” prompt if you open a link in Discord
  • No need to click Start in TG, it will automatically send /start. This is the fastest you can get.

on Android

… no Android here so I do not know its behaviour, lmk if there are tips here to add.

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