TradingView Shortcuts [cheatsheet]

Chart Hotkeys

Action Shortcut
Open Indicators /
Load layout .
Save chart layout +S
Change symbol Type anywhere
Change interval (i.e. 5, 60, 5S, H, 6H, D, 5D, 3W, 6M). , or NUMBER
Move chart 1 bar to left
Move chart 1 bar to right
Zoom in +
Zoom out +
Move chart to left +
Move chart to the last bar + SHIFT +
Move chart to right +
Add alert + A
Reset chart + R
Add symbol to watchlist + W
Enable/disable percent scale + P

Indicators & Drawings

Action Shortcut
Measure Tool Shift + Click
Hide all drawings + + H
Trend line + T
Horizontal line + H
Horizontal ray + J
Circle Shift + Ellipse

Watchlist & Screener

Action Shortcut
Next symbol or Space
Previous symbol or Shift+Space
Flag/unflag symbol + Enter
Select next symbol Shift +
Select previous symbol Shift +
Delete selected symbol(s) Backspace

Above is for MacOS, on Windows?

Command = = CTRL
Option = = ALT