Top 10 Chrome Extensions you will love

Quickly turn on and off extensions with Extensity.


The best adBlocker

uBlock Origin

In the settings, I recommend enabling the following Filter lists:

  • AdGuard/uBO – Cookie Notices
  • EasyList/uBO – Cookie Notices

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger

Auto refresh tabs

Easy Auto Refresh

Night mode everywhere

Dark Reader

Night Shift

The best widget to monitor Gwei

Blocknative Gas Fee Estimator for ETH & MATIC

Price Checker (DeFi)

Crypto Price Checker

Enhance explorers

MetaSuites - Builders’ Swiss Army Knife


Reader mode

Reader View

Summarize and ask questions about a webpage

Perplexity - AI Companion

However, Arc browser AI is much more convenient, but if you’re using another browser, Perplexity is probably OK.

:new: Cleanup X followings (unfollower)

X Unfollower - Last tested February 19, 2024

Proton VPN

Proton VPN: a Swiss VPN you can trust

Pop out video’s


Only needed if you’re not an Arc user.

Custom CSS


Moni Discover

Moni Discover - Twitter Checker

Spotify Player

Spotify Player

Browser tips

My main browsers are Brave and Arc. Both support Chrome Extensions.