Telos Chain :telos: [cheatsheet]

Telos EVM is a scalable solution for Solidity based applications, built with the intent of revolutionizing the DeFi landscape. Unlike other scalable EVMs, Telos EVM is not just a fork of the original Go Ethereum code. It’s an entirely new EVM redesigned from the ground up to take full advantage of the performances that the Telos Native blockchain delivers.

MetaMask Details

  • RPC URL:
  • Chain Name: Telos EVM Mainnet
  • Token: TLOS
  • Chain ID: 40
  • Block Explorer URL:

:fast_forward: Quickly add the chain to MetaMask, search Telos on

Withdrawing from Kucoin

Buy TLOS on KuCoin and withdraw the tokens using the details below.
Address field: deposit.evm
Memo field: Your EVM address (0x)




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