Echelon Network [cheatsheet]

Echelon Network image

Echelon is a high-performance, scalable, EVM-compatible, Cosmos-compatible, and secure smart-contract platform.

Echelon’s mainnet deployment—echelon_3000-3—is built on Tendermint’s BFT consensus mechanism and Cosmos SDK. Echelon is a leaderless, asynchronous, and byzantine fault-tolerant Layer 1 blockchain protocol, network, and interoperable blockchain.

Tendermint enables Echelon to deliver fast EVM transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and deterministic finality. This is achieved while remaining permissionless, decentralized, and open-source.

MetaMask details

  • Name : Echelon
  • RPC URL :
  • Chain ID : 3000
  • Symbol : ECH
  • Explorer :


If after 2-3 minutes your echelon are not in your wallet go to explorer and get the tx hash and enter it in the Repair Tool

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