Lens Network [draft]

The Lens Protocol is introducing the Lens Network, aiming to bring one billion users to Ethereum by creating an open and fair social network. The network will utilize Validium and ZK rollup technologies to achieve scalability and will support privacy-preserving features.

The rollout plan consists of three phases: Seed, Grow, and Bloom. In the final stage, a ZK rollup will be added, and the network will be known as Volition. Major UX upgrades, such as gasless transactions and near instant transaction finality, will be implemented. Users and applications can migrate from the existing Lens Protocol to Lens Network, and feedback from the community is encouraged through a LIP discussion on GitHub.

MetaMask RPC details

  • Network Name: Lens Network
  • RPC URL: https://
  • Chain ID:
  • Currency Symbol:
  • Block Explorer URL:

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