How to bridge funds to AVAX Network

Funding your wallet

Getting started on Avalanche Chain is a little bit more complicated as BSC. There are multiple methods.

Bridge with Synapse or Multichain

Nowadays, multiple bridges support AVAX network. You can just bridge stables (USDT/USDC) from/to AVAX using most bridges listed here, eg. Multichain or Synapse.

Funding from KuCoin

It’s now also possible to directly fund your wallet from
KuCoin using C-Chain network. Just add the network to MetaMask, and withdraw AVAX from KuCoin to your 0x address shown in MetaMask.

KuCoin withdrawal example

KuCoin is probably easiest way, alternatively, BCS Elk bridge is also a very fast solution.

Bridge through Elk (from BSC)

First buy ELK here on BSC. Then bridge your ELK from BSC to AVAX chain. Make sure to check “Swap $ELK 1 for gas”, so you have initial :fuelpump: gas money on AVAX chain. Switch your network to AVAX and proceed by swapping your ELK for AVAX.

Bridge from ETH chain (ERC20)

You can also bridge from and to ETH chain. You can use your regular 0x address to bridge, the bridge directly bridges your funds to the C-Chain. Bridge more than $75 worth, to receive a small amount of AVAX tokens for fees.

Funding from Binance

The information below is now obsolete, you can now withdraw to AVAX C-Chain directly from Binance.

We advice to use one of the methods above, since they are faster and easier. If you want to proceed with the Binance method, feel free to do so by just clicking this text to expand the information.

You can withdraw AVAX from Binance (make sure to withdraw through AVAX network), this route is a bit longer because Binance withdrawals, only support X-Chain network.. We already learned we need to have funds on the C-Chain to use them in MetaMask.

Create a wallet (or import existing wallet with private key) on AVAX network first. If the wallet is new, you need to import this wallet in your MetaMask extension using your private key. Add the AVAX network to your MetaMask and follow next steps to fund AVAX to your wallet. To access your funds from MetaMask the funds need to be on C-Chain.

If you withdraw from Binance, make sure to use your Derived Wallet Address (also referred to as: X Chain) which is given on AVAX network. This address starts with X-avax…

Example of Binance Withdrawal through AVAX network

:warning: To actually get funds in your MetaMask account, you need to head to Cross Chain on the AVAX network website. Here you must transfer funds from X Chain to C Chain to use the funds with the MetaMask extension.

See example