Bridge funds back from Canto to Ethereum

From Canto to ETH

:new: This process should still be valid, but an easier route is now available: Synapse Protocol

  1. Convert the desired token from Canto (EVM) to Canto. It can take a while to process, don’t worry.

  2. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you have Keplr wallet extension setup as described shortly in Cosmos/Atom guide.

  3. Get your Gravity address from Keplr wallet. To see your Gravity address, Change the network to Gravity, you should see your gravity address now.

  4. On Canto Bridge select Canto > Gravity Bridge and enter your gravity address in the “gravity bridge address field”.

  5. Wait until your funds have arrived and bridge it from Canto to Gravity Bridge.

  6. Go to SpaceStation, set source to Gravity Bridge (Keplr) and destination to Ethereum. Connect both wallets.

Instead of SpaceStation, you can also use Gravity Bridge Portal, for fast/instant transfers this is significantly cheaper (about $35 for instant).

  1. Select the token (USDT/USDT/WETH) you want to bridge and initiate the transfer.

  2. You should receive your funds on ETH Mainnet within 4 hours, but usually faster. On my test, it took about 10 minutes. (that’s the cheapest option, 10$ bridge fee). Within the hour is $200 & instantly is $500 dollars, easy choice if you ask me.

Need Gravity (GRAV) token? Some more effort is needed.

  1. Deposit ATOM from CEX to Cosmos chain (address can be found in Keplr if Network = Cosmos Hub, the address should start with cosmos...)
  2. Swap ATOM for GRAV on Osmosis. Leave some ATOM for gas!
  3. Withdraw GRAV to Gravity Bridge on Assets page.