How to bridge funds from BSC to MOVR?

This article is an expansion of Moonriver Chain - Getting started

AnySwap released a bridge between MOVR and BSC.

You can bridge BNB to bridge to Moonriver Chain.

Update 2022: Better to bridge stables (USDC/USDT) because BNB liquidity might be low.

Head to MultiChain and connect your wallet, make sure you are on BSC mainnet.

Enter the amount of BNB you want to bridge and click swap.

Visit the AnySwap Explorer to lookup your TX status or follow the given TX link after your swap has been initiated.

In the mean time, switch to Moonriver Chain network.

After the TX status is Success, you can visit SolarBeam to swap your BNB for MOVR (or any other stable).

Easy, right?


After bridging, you can get some MOVR for gas from the faucet on

Hey thanks for writing up the guide!

I would like to know how to bridge MOVR from bsc as I need it for gas fees.

Your guide explains how to bridge BNB however there is no mention on how to bridge MOVR for gas fees.

Could you please let me know if there is a solution for this.

All the best!

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As far as I know there is no MOVR token on BSC yet - so it won’t be possible to directly get MOVR. Wanchain is working on this but it’s not ready yet, if they are live you could buy wanMOVR and bridge those to Moonriver Chain directly.

You need to bridge the BNB and swap the BNB for MOVR.

However it’s true you need MOVR for Gas, so far you have two options:

  • Transfer some MOVR from one of the exchanges (Kucoin, Kraken or
  • Ask a friend for a small amount of MOVR
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Thanks for your reply!

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