5 Alpha Tweets - How to be early to Movement, 10 Solana Hackathon Projects & More

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TLDR :cherry_blossom:

This article shares 5 alpha tweets covering insights on alt coins, consumer apps, the Movement ecosystem, Solana hackathon projects, and a guide on volume profile - a technical indicator.

Key Points :dizzy:

  • Asset selection is crucial in the current crypto market cycle
  • Consumer apps are quietly disrupting infrastructure plays
  • Movement Labs raised a large round and here’s how to get early
  • 10 interesting Solana hackathon projects to watch
  • A comprehensive guide on using the Volume Profile technical indicator

In-depth Summary :two_hearts:

The article starts by acknowledging the current choppy market environment, with Bitcoin consolidating in the 60k-70k range while altcoins have been making new lows. It then dives into 5 key tweets:

  1. A discussion on the importance of asset selection in the current crypto market cycle, as not all altcoins may perform equally well.

  2. An observation that consumer apps are quietly disrupting infrastructure plays, highlighting the importance of distribution over just building technology.

  3. An overview of the Movement Labs ecosystem and how to position yourself to be early to their upcoming projects.

  4. A curation of 10 interesting projects that emerged from the recent Solana hackathon, showcasing the innovation happening in the Solana ecosystem.

  5. A comprehensive guide on using the Volume Profile technical indicator, which can provide valuable insights for traders and investors.

The article also includes a random protocol update on Jupiter Exchange’s acquisition of the Ultimate wallet, as well as an airdrop opportunity for the Mode L2 project.

ELI5 :lollipop:

This article shares 5 important tweets that give you insights on the current crypto market, how to get in early on promising projects, and some technical analysis tools to help you make better investment decisions. It’s like a cheat sheet to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of crypto!

Writer’s Main Point :hibiscus:

The main point of the article is to provide readers with a curated set of alpha tweets that offer valuable information and strategies to navigate the current crypto market environment, with a focus on identifying promising projects and opportunities early on.