ZK Grants Round Announcement

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The Ethereum Foundation, along with several leading blockchain projects, has announced the winners of a collaborative ZK grant round, funding 25 projects that aim to advance zero-knowledge proof technology across various domains.

Key Points

  • :trophy: 25 projects were selected as winners through a rank-choice vote after thorough reviews.
  • :moneybag: The sponsors contributed a total of $900,000 to the shared grant pool.
  • :mag: The projects cover a range of approaches, including security frameworks, cryptographic analysis, benchmarking tools, and practical applications.
  • :globe_with_meridians: The grantees come from diverse organizations and universities, working on both theoretical and practical advancements in zero-knowledge proofs.

In-depth Summary

The Ethereum Foundation, along with Aztec, Polygon, Scroll, Taiko, and zkSync, has announced the winners of a collaborative ZK grant round. A total of 25 projects were selected through a rank-choice voting process after thorough reviews. The sponsors each contributed $150,000 to the shared pool of $900,000.

The selected projects cover a wide range of approaches to advancing zero-knowledge proofs. This includes developing security frameworks, analyzing cryptographic schemes, creating benchmarking tools for performance and scalability, and integrating advanced cryptographic models into practical applications. The goal is to enhance the efficiency, security, and applicability of zero-knowledge proofs across different domains, ultimately benefiting the entire ZK ecosystem.

The grantees come from various organizations and universities, including researchers and developers working on both theoretical advancements and practical implementations to address key challenges in the field of zero-knowledge proofs.


The Ethereum Foundation and some other blockchain projects got together and gave money to 25 different teams to work on making zero-knowledge proof technology better. These teams will be working on things like making zero-knowledge proofs more secure, faster, and easier to use in real-world applications.

Writer’s Main Point

The main goal of this grant round is to drive advancements in zero-knowledge proof technology, which is a crucial component for enhancing privacy, scalability, and security in the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. By funding a diverse set of projects, the sponsors aim to accelerate the development and adoption of zero-knowledge proofs across various use cases.

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