You know what’s cooler than 10,000 subscribers? 100,000 subscribers

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The author shares his journey to building a Substack newsletter from scratch, facing challenges and setbacks along the way, but ultimately finding success in exposing academic corruption and reaching over 10,000 subscribers.

Key Points

  • :rocket: Grew from 0 to 36k Twitter followers and 10,000+ Substack subscribers
  • :mag: Exposed academic misconduct, leading to the ouster of the Harvard president
  • :earth_africa: Traveled extensively, from Canada to Mexico, Greece, and Central America
  • :moneybag: Struggled financially as a writer, but found fulfillment in the journey

In-depth Summary

The author, a writer named Karlstack, shares his journey building a Substack newsletter from the ground up. He started with no online presence, but through persistence and hard work, he grew his Twitter following to 36k and reached over 10,000 Substack subscribers.

Along the way, he faced many challenges, including sleeping on couches and in hostels, and dealing with discouragement at times. However, he persevered and was able to break a major story, exposing academic misconduct that led to the ouster of the Harvard president.

The author also shares his experiences traveling extensively, from Canada to Mexico, Greece, and Central America. He describes the ups and downs of living and working in different countries, from the beauty of the Greek islands to the poverty and violence in parts of Central America.

Despite the financial struggles of being a writer, the author finds fulfillment in the journey and the impact he’s been able to have through his work.


The author is a writer who started a newsletter from scratch and worked really hard to build it up to over 10,000 subscribers. He faced a lot of challenges along the way, like not having a lot of money and having to sleep in different places, but he kept going. He was able to do some important reporting that led to the president of Harvard University losing their job. The author also traveled to a lot of different countries and had some interesting experiences, both good and bad.

Writer’s Main Point

The main point the author is trying to convey is that being a writer, especially starting from scratch, is an incredibly difficult and often financially precarious path, but the struggle and journey can be deeply rewarding. He encourages aspiring writers to embrace the challenge and not be deterred, as their stories have the power to create real change in the world.

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