Why Bittensor Will Win The Decentralised AI Race

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Bittensor is a blockchain network designed to support multiple AI subnets, each with its own incentive mechanisms and validation rules. It aims to create a competitive environment where miners and validators compete to deliver the highest quality AI outputs.

Key Points

:robot: Bittensor has over 32 live subnets, each specializing in a specific AI application like image generation, text-to-speech, trading signals, etc.
:moneybag: The $TAO token powers the network, with miners and validators earning rewards for contributing high-quality AI models and outputs.
:globe_with_meridians: Bittensor is attracting independent teams to build real-world applications on top of the network, like Corcel, Tensorplex, and Datura.
:mag: Competitors like Ritual and Morpheus are also emerging in the Crypto x AI space, but Bittensor has a first-mover advantage with its live products and user base.
:crystal_ball: The future of Bittensor lies in its plans for “Dynamic TAO” - a proposal to further decentralize the network by creating token-based incentive pools for each subnet.

In-depth Summary

Bittensor is a unique project in the decentralized AI space, as it is the only one with live, functional subnets and independent teams building real applications on top of it. The network is designed to support multiple AI use cases, each with its own validation rules and incentive mechanisms.

Miners and validators compete to provide the highest quality AI outputs, which are then evaluated by the network’s Yuma Consensus mechanism. The results of this process determine how the $TAO token rewards are distributed. Bittensor has attracted teams working on a wide range of applications, from text generation and image creation to trading signal generation and data scraping.

While competitors like Ritual and Morpheus are also emerging in the Crypto x AI space, Bittensor has a significant first-mover advantage with its live products and growing user base. The project’s future plans, such as the “Dynamic TAO” proposal, aim to further decentralize the network and create more opportunities for miners, validators, and application developers.


Bittensor is like a big AI playground, where different teams can come and build their own special AI toys. Each team has their own set of rules and rewards for the other players (miners and validators) who help make their AI toys work really well. The more the other players help, the more rewards they get. Bittensor is trying to make this playground as fair and decentralized as possible, so that anyone can come and play.

Writer’s Main Point

Bittensor is well-positioned to lead the decentralized AI space, thanks to its functional network, independent teams building real applications, and plans for further decentralization. While there are some concerns around centralization and the viability of the network for businesses, the project’s overall potential and the Crypto x AI narrative make it a compelling investment opportunity.