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TLDR :cherry_blossom:

This article covers the latest news and highlights from the crypto and web3 space, including updates on various projects and protocols.

Key Points :dizzy:

  • News on X making identity verification mandatory for creators
  • Trump found guilty in hush-money trial, impacting crypto markets
  • Backlash over zkSync using the ZK ticker
  • Updates on the implementation of FIT21 by the CFTC
  • Hong Kong government expressing support for web3

In-depth Summary :memo:

The article starts by discussing the news that the X platform will be making complete identity verification mandatory for creators. This is seen as a significant move that could impact the crypto and web3 space.

The article then covers the impact of the Trump hush-money trial verdict, which has led to a fall in crypto prices. It also mentions the ongoing accumulation of Bitcoin by whales, which is seen as a positive sign.

The article also discusses the backlash over the use of the ZK ticker by the zkSync protocol, as well as the slow implementation of the FIT21 framework by the CFTC. Additionally, it highlights the Hong Kong government’s expression of support for web3 initiatives.

The article also includes a section on “Alpha/Good Reads,” which showcases various projects and protocols in the crypto and web3 space, such as Babylon’s Trustless Bitcoin Staking, Parallel Bet’s AI Strategies, and several early-stage projects.

ELI5 :hugs:

This article talks about the latest news and updates in the crypto and web3 world. It covers things like a big tech platform making identity verification mandatory, a famous person being found guilty in court, and how that affected the crypto market. It also mentions some new and interesting projects and protocols that are being developed in this space.

Writer’s Main Point :thought_balloon:

The main point of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and trends in the crypto and web3 ecosystem, highlighting both the news and the emerging projects that are shaping the future of this rapidly evolving industry.

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