State of Crypto+AI 2024

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TLDR :cherry_blossom:

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the current Crypto+AI landscape, exploring how crypto can support and benefit AI, and vice versa.

Key Points :dizzy:

  • Crypto can help AI through monetization, inclusivity, transparency, data ownership, and cost reduction.
  • The article covers the AI landscape from the LLM layer to the application layer, highlighting various crypto-powered innovations.
  • Key areas include GPU decentralization, decentralized compute, verification, crypto base models, data storage, creator platforms, and the AI economy.

In-depth Summary :thought_balloon:

The article begins by breaking down the GenAI landscape, covering the key components of LLMs and their underlying infrastructure, including compute, storage, training, and inference. It then delves into how crypto can support AI in various ways, such as enabling monetization, improving inclusivity, enhancing transparency, ensuring data ownership, and reducing costs.

Applying these crypto advantages to the AI landscape, the article explores the different layers, starting from the LLM level with GPU decentralization, decentralized compute, and verification technologies. It also discusses crypto-specific base models and data storage solutions.

At the application layer, the article highlights the importance of creator platforms, which leverage crypto’s monetization capabilities to empower AI creators, both low/no-code users and developers. It also touches on consumer-facing AI applications and the development of AI-focused standards and protocols.

Finally, the article delves into the concept of the “AI Economy,” which emphasizes the use of crypto’s tokenization, monetization, and incentivization to democratize AI and drive its further prosperity.

ELI5 :child:

This article talks about how crypto and AI can work together to make AI better. Crypto can help AI by making it more open, transparent, and easier to make money from. AI can also help crypto by bringing in more users and attention. The article explains the different ways crypto and AI are being combined, like making it easier to train and use AI models, and creating new ways for people to create and use AI products.

Writer’s Main Point :dart:

The main point of this article is to explore the current landscape of the Crypto+AI intersection, highlighting how the unique advantages of crypto can support and enhance the development of AI, and how AI can in turn benefit the crypto ecosystem. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the various layers and innovations within this emerging field, emphasizing the potential for crypto to democratize and transform the AI economy.

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