Solana Actions & Blinks

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Solana has introduced two new features, Actions and Blinks, to enhance user experience and expand blockchain accessibility on the Solana network.

Key Points :dizzy:

  • Solana Actions are APIs that simplify blockchain transactions, allowing users to perform actions like paying, borrowing, or minting directly from their local environment.
  • Solana Blinks transform Solana Actions into shareable, metadata-rich links that can be used to initiate transactions from any platform or device.
  • Solana Actions and Blinks aim to make Solana interactions more seamless, accessible, and user-friendly.

In-depth Summary :two_hearts:

Solana has introduced two new features, Actions and Blinks, to enhance the user experience and expand the accessibility of the Solana blockchain.

Solana Actions are a set of APIs that simplify how users transact on Solana. These APIs return transactions that can be previewed, signed, and sent across various contexts such as QR codes, buttons, widgets, and websites. The goal is to make it easy for developers to integrate any Solana interaction (pay, borrow, confirm, mint) into users’ local environments, allowing them to perform transactions without having to exit their current environment.

Solana Blinks, on the other hand, are a way to transform any Solana Action into a shareable, metadata-rich link. These links can be distributed across the internet, allowing users to initiate Solana transactions from any environment capable of displaying a URL. Blinks effectively bring Solana Actions to a wider audience, making Solana interactions more accessible and user-friendly.

ELI5 :lollipop:

Solana has made it easier for people to use the Solana blockchain. They have created two new things called Actions and Blinks.

Actions are like special tools that let you do things on the Solana blockchain, like sending money or buying things, without having to leave the app or website you’re using. Blinks are like special links that you can share with others, and when they click on them, they can also do things on the Solana blockchain without having to leave where they are.

This makes it much simpler for people to use the Solana blockchain, and it helps more people use it too.

Writer’s Main Point :hibiscus:

The main point of this article is to introduce Solana’s new features, Actions and Blinks, which aim to make interacting with the Solana blockchain more seamless, accessible, and user-friendly. These features are designed to streamline blockchain transactions and expand the reach of Solana by integrating it into various digital environments.

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