Pulse Chain :pulsechain: [cheatsheet]

PulseChain is a new blockchain network that has launched 2023-05-13T00:30:00Z and aims to increase the value of Ethereum, lower its fees, and enrich its users. It is designed to re-enable priced-out use cases and enrich ERC20 and NFT users. PulseChain is 17% faster than Ethereum and uses proof of stake validators instead of proof of work miners, making it more environmentally friendly. The network’s native token, PLS, can be used to activate validators and earn PLS for helping to secure the network.

MetaMask/chain details

:zap: Quickly add to MetaMask through PulseChain.com or ChainList

Checking your tokens

Pulse did a fork of ETH, which means you have your ETH/USDC and other tokens as a 1:1 copy on the pulse mainnet. It is currently ratio-trading, which means people are trading on Pulse mainnet with the forked tokens from ETH mainnet (snapshot was May 10th).

  • :palm_up_hand: Did you sacrifice in the past? Use the Sacrifice Checker.

  • :moneybag: With this tool, you can quickly scan all your tokens and have them added to MetaMask. Make sure to be connected to Pulse Mainnet, or this will take ages.

  • You can also see the dollar value of your balances on this website, keep it mind these are not accurate until real dollars flow in (e.g. bridges are live).

Bridge to and from Pulsechain

If you need gas ($PLS) for your first swap, you can try this faucet.




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