ON-228 : Aptos Mega Issue 🌐

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:globe_with_meridians: TLDR: The Aptos blockchain has seen tremendous growth in 2024, with its DeFi ecosystem surpassing $1.5B in DEX trading volume and $7B in derivatives trading. The network has also seen a surge in consumer-facing applications, with 41% of users coming from dApps and NFTs.

Key Points:

  • :boom: Aptos’ DeFi ecosystem is thriving, with protocols across key sectors like DEXs, derivatives, and money markets
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Aptos’ TVL has grown 3x YTD to $350M, with stablecoin supply crossing $100M
  • :globe_with_meridians: Consumer-facing apps like Chingari (8.75M+ token holders) and Aptos Arena (500k+ users) are gaining traction
  • :fire: Merkle Trade, a gamified perpetual DEX, has seen over $7B in trading volume
  • :black_large_square: Econia, an on-chain order book, has surpassed $160M in trading volume
  • :snowflake: Thala, a DeFi HyperApp, has reached a peak TVL of $250M
  • :green_circle: Cellana, a community-owned DEX, has over $30M in TVL and 170K+ social media followers
  • :zap: Echelon, a borrow/lend market, has surpassed $30M in TVL and $20M in assets borrowed
  • :man_cook: Aries Markets, the top lending protocol, has reached $275M in TVL and 560K+ unique users
  • :fire: Chingari, the #1 dApp on Aptos, has over 10M+ users and 100k+ daily active on-chain users

In-depth Summary:

The Aptos blockchain has been on a tear in 2024, with its DeFi ecosystem showing signs of maturity and a wide range of protocols across several sectors. The network’s TVL has grown 3x YTD to $350M, with stablecoin supply crossing $100M. This growth is being driven by a diverse range of protocols, including DEXs, derivatives exchanges, lending platforms, and more.

On the consumer side, Aptos has also seen a surge in adoption, with 41% of users coming from dApps and NFTs. Popular applications like Chingari, Aptos Arena, and Graffio have seen impressive user growth, with Chingari reporting over 10M+ users and 100k+ daily active on-chain users.

The DeFi ecosystem is particularly noteworthy, with protocols like Merkle Trade, Econia, Thala, Cellana, Echelon, and Aries Markets leading the charge. These platforms are leveraging Aptos’ high-performance capabilities to offer innovative products and services, from gamified perpetual DEXs to community-owned AMMs and borrow/lend markets.


Aptos is a super fast blockchain that’s been growing like crazy in 2024. Its DeFi (decentralized finance) world is booming, with all kinds of cool new apps and platforms popping up. People are using Aptos to trade, lend, borrow, and even play games with crypto. And on the consumer side, there are tons of fun apps and NFT projects that people are getting excited about too. It’s like a whole new world of possibilities opening up on Aptos!

Writer’s Main Point:

The writer’s main point is to highlight the impressive growth and development of the Aptos ecosystem, both in the DeFi and consumer-facing realms. The article showcases the diverse range of protocols and applications that are thriving on the Aptos network, demonstrating the network’s potential as a high-performance blockchain for a wide variety of use cases.