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This article provides an in-depth look at the latest developments in the AI-powered blockchain ecosystem, covering Ocean Protocol, Worldcoin, and Bittensor.

Key Points :key:

  • Ocean Protocol’s 5-year trading volume has crossed $24B, with strong market activity and liquidity.
  • Worldcoin has over 3.5 million token holders and is preparing to launch its new Ethereum L2 network, World Chain.
  • Bittensor, a peer-to-peer intelligence market, has seen its TAO token price and total holders triple in 2024, though debates continue around its valuation and real-world applications.

In-depth Summary :memo:

The article delves into the latest onchain data and market dynamics of these three AI-focused projects:

Ocean Protocol: The blockchain-based ecosystem has seen its total 5-year trading volume cross $24B, with Binance and Bybit leading the charge in OCEAN token trading. The token’s price has been highly volatile, surging to $1.24 in late March 2024 before dipping 30% in recent days. The contract now has over 57,000 holders, reflecting growing interest in the project’s AI-powered data sharing capabilities.

Worldcoin: The project has seen rapid growth, with over 10 million people from 160 countries creating a World ID and 5 million verified IDs using Orbs. The number of WLD token holders has surged to nearly 3.5 million in just nine months. The upcoming launch of the World Chain Ethereum L2 network is expected to have a significant impact on the token’s adoption and price action.

Bittensor: The peer-to-peer intelligence market has gained significant attention as a solution to closed-source large language model training and tuning. While the TAO token price has tripled in 2024, reaching over $700 in March, there are ongoing debates about the project’s valuation and the real-world utility of its decentralized AI offerings. The network currently has less than 1,000 miners per subnet, raising questions about its decentralization.

Writer’s Main Point :dart:

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the AI-powered blockchain ecosystem, highlighting the growth and market dynamics of Ocean Protocol, Worldcoin, and Bittensor. It invites readers to explore these projects and form their own opinions on the potential and challenges of integrating AI with decentralized technologies.