Macro Pulse Update 06.07.2024

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This article provides a comprehensive macro update on the crypto market, covering key events, economic indicators, and market trends for the week of June 7, 2024.

Key Points

  • :fire: Largest liquidation since the FTX crash, marking a macro bottom
  • :money_mouth_face: Bullish options sentiment and anticipated Fed rate cuts could support crypto markets
  • :earth_africa: Mixed economic data, with moderating inflation but concerns over the US presidential election

In-depth Summary

The article starts by highlighting the significant liquidation event that occurred in the crypto market, which the author believes marked a macro bottom. It then delves into various indicators and events that are shaping the current market landscape.

On the macro front, the article discusses the Federal Reserve’s cautious approach to interest rate cuts, balancing inflation control and employment support. It also examines the political uncertainty surrounding the US presidential election, with growing pressure on President Biden to abandon his re-election bid due to low approval ratings.

In the crypto market, the article covers the anticipated Mt. Gox repayments and their potential impact on Bitcoin prices, as well as the SEC’s penalties against Ripple, which could influence XRP demand. However, the article also notes positive developments, such as Standard Chartered Bank’s plans to launch a new spot trading desk for Bitcoin and Ethereum, which could improve long-term sentiment.

The article also touches on economic indicators, including a decline in the Producer Price Index and the Federal Reserve’s projections of four interest rate cuts for the next year, which could make riskier assets like cryptocurrencies more attractive.


This article is a weekly update on the state of the crypto market and the broader economy. It talks about big events that happened, like a huge sell-off in the crypto market, and how that might affect prices going forward. It also looks at things like what the Federal Reserve is doing with interest rates, and how the upcoming US presidential election could impact the markets. Overall, it’s a comprehensive look at the key factors shaping the current financial landscape.

Writer’s Main Point

The main point of the article is to provide a detailed macro update on the current state of the crypto market and the broader economic environment, highlighting the key events, indicators, and trends that are shaping the market’s direction.

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