How to bridge from/to DogeChain?

There are multiple ways to bridge onto DogeChain. I advise the first option in this guide, however MultiChain works now as there is stables liquidity now.

  • Official Bridge

    1. Go the the bridge and connect MetaMask
    2. Add the DogeChain network
    3. Press Reveal address
    4. Withdraw DOGE from CEX to the revealed address
    5. Wait for WDOGE to appear in your MM (~10 mins). You can check here for pending.
  • MultiChain

    • As of now only ETH <> DOGE is available.
    • Works best with USDC for both ways (from/to), but should work with other stables as well.
    • If bridging back to other chains, buy USDC on YodeSwap or QuickSwap.
  • RenBridge

    1. Buy renDOGE on UniSwap - WARNING: very low liquidity.
    2. Release DOGE (from ETH to DOGE), Release address = revealed address on DogeChain bridge page as described in steps above.
    3. Wait… u can follow deposit status here.
    4. wDOGE will appear in your DogeChain wallet.

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