How to add a bookmark script to your browser

Drag 'n Drop: webbrowser (e.g. Chrome/Brave)

Adding a bookmark script (also known as bookmarklet) is very easy.

You can simply drag the blue link shown at the specific script topic (i.e. this topic) to your bookmark bar.

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:confused: If you do not see your bookmark bar press CMD + SHIFT + B to make your bookmark bar visible. (Note: CMD = CTRL on Windows)# Chrome/Brave browser

Add a bookmark manually

You can also copy the script code manually (as shown in step 1 under iOS), and add that as a bookmark, paste the script in the URL/link field. To add a new bookmark, right click on your bookmark bar and click ‘add page’.


Add bookmarklet on iOS

  1. Copy the script: Screenshot 2022-07-02 at 12.18.49

  2. Add a bookmark by clicking the share icon:

  3. Go to your bookmarks and press edit

  4. Replace the URL of the bookmark with the script (paste what you copied in step 1.)